Console Sales Strengthen Market Position for Euphonix

Euphonix recorded significant U.S. sales increases in 2003 for its digital audio consoles. The company ended the year with new orders for multiple consoles from NBC's "Tonight Show" and Hollywood post houses Todd AO, SSI and SoundStorm.

CEO Jeff Chew said, "We have invested heavily in product development and in our sales and support infrastructure over the last few years, even during the recession period, so it is very rewarding to see such good results...In broadcast, our position has been greatly strengthened by key customers such as CNN ordering 5 MaxAirs."

Chew said that Euphonix was especially strong in U.S. post houses, and that European orders also are on the rise, including orders from Pinewood Shepperton Studios in the U.K., and from film director Luc Besson for his new French facility.