Compix releases QuickShot

Compix has released QuickShot, a 1RU remote button panel that allows users to put graphics on-screen instantly with the press of a button. QuickShot provides fast access to multiple graphics on a remote Compix system without requiring users to log into a PC. Housed in a newsroom, QuickShot allows the news production team to launch breaking news crawls — such as school closings and severe weather alerts — even when graphics staff is unavailable.

QuickShot delivers critical graphics capabilities though a simple interface already familiar in broadcast facilities. The series of preconfigured templates available on the QuickShot can be customized for news, sports, weather or other types of information, depending on the broadcaster's needs. LCD keycaps featuring multiple colors and custom text labels contribute to accurate graphics playout. The panel is integrated with customers' new or existing Compix CG systems at the Compix factory.