Companies Partner to Develop Interactive TV System

Minerva Networks, Kasenna and Amino Communications recently announced a jointly produced system for the distribution of interactive television over IP networks. The new platform, called NetVision, includes all the active components necessary for interactive television, including management software, client software and set-top boxes.

Each of the companies brings a different specialty to the partnership, with Santa Cruz, Calif.-based Minerva Networks contributing its expertise in delivery of video over IP networks. Kasenna, based in Mountain View, Calif., specializes in the "middleware" and hardware necessary for on-demand video applications, and Amino Communications is the manufacturer of the set-top boxes. Amino is located in Longstanton, U.K.

The new NetVision platform supports a range to applications and services, including live TV, VOD, NVOD and pay-per-view. The consortium plans to extend the technology to include features such as personal video recording (PVR).