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Come visit the DTV Marketplace

It's that time of year again — time for broadcasters worldwide to con verge on Las Vegas to browse the latest offerings from industry vendors. As always, there will be a lot of products and services represented in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Technology is at the heart of NAB. It's the momentum that draws us all to Vegas year after year and drives the activity of the show floor.

To help you make the most of your time at NAB2004, the editors of Broadcast Engineering have developed a sneak peek of some of the hottest new products to be unveiled on the show floor.

In addition, the Broadcast Engineering Web site will have all of this material, plus hundreds more new products and a special feature called FASTtrack to make your trek even easier. So log in before you get to the show to find those last-minute additions, plus the extra Web benefits.

Finally, to help you locate all of the key vendors you need to visit, we've published a map of the entire convention show floor. From audio and analog to digital and RF, all the vendors are located on the custom, easy-to-use Broadcast Engineering map. You can get your copy at the Broadcast Engineering stand, #C11213.

We'll see you at the show!


Wheatstone Bridge Router

Design consists of 7-inch rack-mount digital routing cages, each capable of handling 512 simultaneous audio channels on its backplane; features bi-directional fiber-optic or CAT-5 interlocation connectivity, all-digital domain AES switching, analog or digital inputs, both analog and AES digital outputs, and serial control and display with Wheatstone consoles.
Stand: N2802


FOR-A Hanabi HVS-3000H

Includes optional multichannel DVE; 3RU high; can install up to two DVE cards in an HVS-3000H; six independent key layers (three per M/E) available; four control panels can be interfaced to one main unit to set up productions from multiple locations.
+44 20 8391 7979;
Stand: C5628


Leitch 6800+

Offers on-air quality in every format, from analog to HD; its high-density chassis consolidates a broad range of functionality within a single frame; supports a range of functions, including upconversion, processing and distribution, reference and timing.
+44 1344 44 60 00;
Stnad: SU9868


Sennheiser HD650

Based on the overall design of the HD600; combine flat frequency response (10-39,500Hz/-10dB) with natural dynamics; includes an upgraded cable; offers reduced distortion in the high frequencies; features hand-selected, matched transducers with tight tolerances (+/1dB); computer-optimized magnet systems for minimizing harmonic and intermodulation distortion; neodymium ferrous magnet systems for high efficiency.
+49 5130 600 0;
Stand: N2812


Quantel sQ server

Designed for live broadcasting; provides a 1-stop, no-copy production environment, with ingest, editing and playout all in the same box.
+44 1635 48 222;
Stand: C6406


Solid State Logic C100

Designed for on-air and live to-tape production applications; both the console operation and underlying technology have been designed for freelance-friendly, reliable operation.
+44 1865
Stand: N2412


DPA Microphones 4071-BM

Body-worn microphone has a maximum sound pressure level (SPL) of 144dB before clipping; can be used with the DAD6024 adapter and DAK4071-F accessory kit for miniature microphones; omnidirectional microphone inherently cuts down wind and pop noise, keeping the proximity effect on the low side; features a fixed soft boost grid, giving the microphone a 5dB boost between 4kHz to 6kHz.
+45 4814 2828;
Stand: N2536


Broadcast Technology DTVD3010, 3020 and 3030

Modules enable general video monitoring and signal acquisition prior to MPEG encoding/remuxing/acquisition and prior to upconversion for analog cable systems; all three modules take MPEG-2 DVB ASI inputs; outputs include analog composite video and analog audio; SDI video with embedded or AES/EBU audio; and analog composite video out, analog audio, SDI video with embedded or AES/EBU audio.
+44 12 6433 2633;
Stand: SU6752


Azden SGM-1000

Combines wide frequency response with low noise and phantom power; features a switchable low-frequency roll-off filter to reduce proximity effects and low-frequency room noises such as air conditioners, a power on/off switch and an industry-standard low-impedance XLR connector; can be powered by either externally supplied phantom power (12-48V) or an internally mounted single “AA” alkaline battery; special circuitry automatically disconnects the internal battery when phantom power is applied.
Stand: N4016


DaletPlus Media Library

Turnkey solution for managing and archiving mass amounts of media assets; users can easily ingest, catalog, share and archive media over a standard network; allows for the repurposing of source materials without loss of quality; features easy-to-use editing tools for storyboarding and packaging media; material can be cataloged, stored and distributed in multiple formats, including HD, DV, DVCPRO and MPEG-2; features fault-tolerant architecture; uses high-density, removable media such as CDs and DVDs.
+33 1 40 38 01 39;
Stand: SL3842


Maxell DVD-R Plus series

Has a 4.7GB capacity; supports 8X write speeds; has a pre-recorded shelf and archival life of more than 50 years; discs are write-compatible with almost any manufacturer's general-purpose DVD-R drives and recorders; after recording, the discs are read-compatible with DVD-ROM, DVD-Video and DVD-Audio players.
+41 26 411 85 00
Stand: C8228


Ross Video Talia NK series

Compact and available in sizes of 16×16 or 32×32, and in a full range of signal formats, including serial digital, analog video, AES/EBU, analog audio and data routing; ships with a powerful Web browser based configuration system and is available immediately.
Stand: SU11029


Gennum GS4911

Generates clocks and timing signals that are highly accurate, low in jitter and synchronized; the chip is pre-programmed for the most common audio, video and graphic standards and is user-programmable for other standards, up to a maximum of 165MHz clock.
+44 1252 747000
Stand: C8119


Axon Digital Design MPE04/MPD04

Use the MPEG-4 or MPEG-2 encoding and decoding schemes; have composite and SDI inputs and outputs for video, as well as analog and AES/EBU inputs and outputs for the audio
+31 13 511 66 66;
Stand: SU7548


Studer Vista 6

Features a simplified center section; includes additional monitoring and talkback functions; a comprehensive clean feed (n-1) system is standard; has a reverse bus interrogation to enable the operator to instantly view the n-1 setup; may be supplied with a blank bay, which may be used for fitting third-party intercom systems, remote controls or a workstation TFT screen and controls.
+41 18 70 75 11;
Stand: N1018


Discreet smoke 6 SD for IBM Linux

Professional editing system works with Linux operating system; offers advanced conforming and 3D capabilities; features OpenGL graphics, uncompressed standard-definition video I/O (PAL/NTSC) and a choice of Discreet's high-performance stone Fibre Channel storage arrays; offers the option for fully redundant hardware RAID 5 solutions; offers multiformat capture and playback including PAL and NTSC, real-time 4:4:4 editing and unlimited vertical timeline editing with nested containers for complex visual effects.
+33 1 40 72 3783;
Stand: SL3547


Pinnacle Systems DekoCast Traffic Integration

Allows broadcasters to schedule highly complex graphics playout with a single automation event; offers the ability to preview and (optionally) change scheduled material at any time before scheduled event; introduces a controllable mechanism for quality assurance of scheduled on-air graphics without master control intervention; on-air promotion can be scheduled as needed during programming; can be run within customers' existing automation systems; template based.
+49 531 2183 0; (opens in new tab)
Stand: SU10160


Avid workgroups and asset management

A range of enhancements to workgroup and digital media asset management offerings will be introduced; new features for the Avid Unity MediaManager system include expanded full-resolution media browsing, comprehensive logging and multiple-site searching.
+ 44 175 365 5999; (opens in new tab)
Stand: SL4761


DK-Audio PTO660M

Comes with up to 32 channels; combines DK-Audio's proprietary Jelly-Fish surround display with a rotary control knob on the front panel, enabling it to act as the master volume control for speakers in both surround and stereo configurations; an internal switching matrix and new software allows users to change presets to their own specifications; 10 presets are directly available from the front plate.
+45 44 85 02 55;
Stand: C3843


Inscriber Inca RTX

Next generation of the RTX broadcast development tool; interfaces directly with video hardware to enable broadcasters to create live custom applications that incorporate split screens, multiple zones, continuous crawls and live data; allows for the display of text, graphics, video and animations on overlapping layers; also features real-time element transitions, real-time organic dissolves, rendered 3D mesh effects and software codec video support.
+31 297 380930;
Stand: SL4718


Broadcast Technology PC GUI

Allows low-cost remote control of individual 3000 series frames; the GUI represents each module visually, including all status and alarm LEDs for low-cost management without need for an SNMP control system; all 3000 series modules can be configured from the GUI.
+44 1264 332633;
Stand: SU6752


Clear-Com Eclipse

6RU frame holds up to 208 ports; can connect up to four frames into one 832-port system; features intelligent linking between systems, dual redundant processors, 24-bit resolution with audio frequency response of 30Hz to 22kHz (+/-3dB) and individual cross-point level adjustment in 0.5dB increments.
Stand: C7406


Zandar FusionPro

Supports a range of plug-in processor cards; enables users to combine input formats in one system and display them on plasma, LCD or projection screens; new HD-SDI processor card accepts 720p and 1080i formats; features dual redundant, hot-swappable power supplies and front-loading cards.
+353 1 2808 945;
Stand: SU9915


DVS HDStation

New DDR replaces the HDStationPlus and HDStationRGB; works under the Windows file system instead of using a proprietary file format; allows users to save video and audio files as dpx, cineon, tga, bmp or aiff; files are immediately accessible by any network client; several disk recorders can access the high-resolution data stored on the central server in real time.
+49 511 6 78 07 66
Stand: SL4713


Panasonic AJ-SPX800

Part of the DVCPRO P2 series; combines 2/3-inch 3-CCD camera with 24fps/30fps progressive and 60 fields interlace DVCPRO and DVCPRO50 format P2 card recording; images are stored on a P2 card using MXF file format; has a sensitivy of F13 at 2000 lux and a minimum illumination of 0.09 lux or 0.01 lux; is equipped with an advanced 12-axis matrix color correction system; features five PC card-sized P2 card slots; provides up to 80 minutes record capacity at DVCPRO resolution with 4G P2 cards and 40 minutes record capacity on five 4G P2 cards.
+44 8700 100 464;
Stand: C3811



Facilitates high-speed transfer of material from the field to the television station for nonlinear editing; a single professional-grade disc holds about 90 minutes of 25Mb/s material, 45 minutes shot at 50Mb/s, 55 minutes at 40Mb/s and 75 minutes at 30Mb/s; uses blue-laser optical media for increased data density; rewritable 12cm media has a storage capacity of 23.3GB per disc.
+44 1932 816000;
Stand: SU11051


Pro-Bel Procion

Is a PC-based control system offering total freedom in designing user interfaces coupled with powerful functionality; is fully compatible with all existing Pro-Bel router control systems; operates from a single configuration database.
+ 44 118 986 6123
Stand: C8123


Broadcast Pix Studio Version 2 software

Version 1 provided a switcher, Inscriber CG, digital disk recorder, still store, logo generator and three DVEs; Version 2 adds camera control, animations for the CG, a second DDR channel and a Pinnacle 3D DVE; standard features in Version 2 include StudioMemory for recalls that combine all of the system's tools and ShowBuilder for offline pre-production of shows; ProPack option adds animated graphics to the Inscriber CG, a second channel of clip store to the DDR, and doubles clip storage.
+33 01 41 44 00 00
Stand: SU9524



Works with uncompressed material in any resolution — up to 2K — on one timeline; stores video material in its native resolution and format, making pre-converting or compressing unnecessary; enables productive real-time editing of up to 2K in RGB 10 bit; clips of any resolution, color space or bit depth can be mixed on the timeline; output resolution is variable; uncompressed HD and 2K data are input via the standard dual link HD-SDI interface.
+49 511 67 80 70;
Stand: SL4713


Crystal Vision SYNNER144

Combined synchronizer, tracking audio delay and embedder/de-embedder; audio and video can be timed to the local syncs and be embedded or de-embedded all within a single board; audio is delayed by the same amount as the video delay to avoid lip sync errors; is compatible with Dolby E; has analog and digital audio monitoring, and analog video monitoring.
+44 1223 497049;
Stand: C7143


Evertz 7720AM-AES4

Accepts four AES/EBU digital stereo audio inputs and routes them to any of four AES outputs; does channel swapping, over mixes, mix downs and on-air breakaways.
Stand: SU11827


Pharos Playtime

Enables broadcasters to emulate on-air the look and feel of Internet Web pages; ideal for the live studio gallery or playout center that needs to deliver complex presentation while taking in live feeds to air; reduces operational workflow and production costs for live events; an edit timeline forms the basis of a unique tool-set for the creation and delivery of ‘broadcast media publishing’ channels; allows a scheduler to create television channels that would otherwise require extensive post-production.
+44 118 950 2323;
Stand: SU8963


Videotek VSX-11D

Operates in concert with two standard sync generators of any format; monitors the quality of the signals produced by both sync generators; in the event either sync generator has a failed signal, the unit automatically switches its outputs to the generator that is correctly producing synchronization signals.
Stand: C4717


Inscriber Inca AutoCG

Combines CG functionality with automation to allow for the broadcast of multi-layer graphics, clocks, logos and real-time, clip-to-clip transitions on a single channel; changes within the news service provider are automatically reflected in its interface, with new content being created instantly; in “unattended” mode, it will automatically broadcast new content, allowing time-pressed operators to complete other tasks.
+31 297 380930;
Stand: SL4718


Systems Wireless HME Pro 850

Features frequency-agile operation, frequency scanning for interference-free operation and a PC interface for system setup and monitoring; beltpacks feature automatic power output selection and a PDA interface for remote programming; 850 base station features interfaces for 2-wire, 4-wire, AUX I/O and page outputs.
Stand: C2525



Provides full broadcast-quality features in a compact rugged unit; allows cameramen to broadcast live video to a central receiver site over distances up to 1000 meters; features integrated MPEG-2 encoding (4:2:2/4:2:0) with COFDM modulation, as well as selectable audio inputs for either standard analog (two channels), AES/EBU digital bit stream or de-embedded SDI.
Stand: C3206



2U digital switcher specifically deisgned for on-air switching; features include eight SDI inputs, video and audio follow (embedded or separate), ME and key effects, up to three DSKs and three logo generators; can be controlled through a computer connected via serial port, Ethernet or remote keyboard.
+33 1 53 38 22 00;
Stand: SU7170


Silicon Graphics SGI InfiniteStorage solutions

Provides file-sharing at production speeds with a choice of both NAS and SAN storage architectures; enables all operating system clients to share access to content; using an IP-based infrastructure, broadcast material can be shared at 25x real-time rates and film resolution material can be accessed throughout the production workflow as data at real-time rates; has two versions: InfiniteStorage for Production and InfiniteStorage for Broadcast.
Stand: SL4755


Videotek DDM-800

Capable of receiving HD and SD 8VSB DTV signals and converting them to standard DVB-ASI output format; the base unit has the flexibility to add up to three additional, independent DTV receiver/demodulators via optional modules; the MPEG-2 ASI output streams can then be locally processed, multiplexed, passed to a data distribution network or sent over cable facilities via QAM modulators.
Stand: C4717


Videotek VTM Option 9

Provides integrated audio monitoring and analysis on a high-resolution XGA output for use with a standard PC monitor; features four analog stereo inputs, four AES/EBU inputs and 16 channels of embedded audio as well as Dolby E and AC-3 inputs for both HD and SD video.
Stand: C4717


Scopus CODICO E-1800

HD encoder provides multiformat, 1080i, 720p and 480p support; 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 encoding at up to 45Mb/s; audio multiplexing and MPEG-LII and Dolby Digital (AC-3) encoding.
+972 390 077 77;
Stand: SU11814


Pinnacle Systems Vortex

Incorporates DekoVIA template functionality; features comprehensive MOS implementation; supports MPEG-2 I 30/40/50Mb/s editing, as well as DV; VortexEdit application for automatic scene detection, scene splitting and audio-level monitoring on capture; provides added network connectivity; Vortex File Transfer Utility (FTU) enables users to browse assets on multiple Vortex systems and incorporate the desired remote clips into the current story; system also incorporates Sports Logger application for easy and rapid logging of key events.
+49 531 2183 0 (opens in new tab)
Stand: SU10160


Snell & Wilcox IQ Modular

Expanded infrastructure system adds converters, synchronizers, DAs, routers and audio modules, all capable of operating in either SD or HD; all new modules have built-in signal integrity protection to guarantee that the output of each IQ Modular product is continuous, even when the input fails.
+44 20 8917 4300;
Stand: C6421


Kroma Telecom Wircom TW7000

Intercom system uses digital enhanced cordless telephony (DECT) standard for high fidelity and security; up to 4×4 matrix of base station modules and beltpacks.
+34 91 661 4514
Stand: C3136


Calrec Hydra

Audio console networking and microphone pre-amping system; enables Calrec digital consoles to share I/O resources.
+44 142 284 2159;
Stand: N1012


Broadcast Technology DTVS3000

An 8×8 video switch that can be used to switch any input to any output, ensuring fully reliable systems (same service on the same cable); this module ensures no loss of service when used in conjunction with the 3000 control system; is designed to accompany the control card in fully redundant solutions.
+44 12 6433 2633;
Stand: SU6752


Nucoda Film Master V2

Enables users to perform multiple functions, from editing and conforming to grading and effects; users also can include titles and deliver multiple formats to any device via LAN, SAN or single- and dual-link HD-SDI; includes a full range of tools for SD, HD and data file mastering, such as unlimited layer-based color correction, real-time 2K playback and integrated 3D color cube technology.
+44 20 7763 5763;
Stand: SL2148


Riedel Artist Matrix

Has multiple audio sources, analog and digital; can be monitored on a standard Riedel control keypanel; individual select and level control creates broadcast mixes.
+49 30 678261 0;
Stand: C11210


Panasonic AJ-PCD10

Developed for rapid ingest of DVCPRO or DVCPRO50 resolution video into NLE or server systems; designed for high-speed file transfer into servers or an NLE; enables direct access to the content in the P2 cards; material can be accessed almost instantaneously; supports five P2 card slots; offers high-speed USB 2.0 interface to connect to the host computer.
+44 8700 100 464;
Stand: C3811


Sonifex RB-DSS10

24-bit 96kHz-capable 1RU interface; produces an AES/EBU and S/PDIF level digital audio output from 10 selectable AES/EBU or S/PDIF digital input signals; 10 illuminated front panel push buttons indicate the current channel selection, as well as remote selection; the unit will route the selected audio signal, as well as routing remote signal inputs through the remote connector to the selected input source, for starting external audio equipment such as a CD player; features a front-panel headphone socket with volume control for monitoring.
+44 1933 650700;
Stand: C5236


360 Systems Image Server 2000

Provides MXF support and uses Gigabit Ethernet for fast file transfers over DSL telecom lines; offers frame-accurate head and tail trimming, with time code windows for in and out points; can also be used to segment long-form program material; can rapidly build, edit, name and save playlists; can create broadcast time delays and permits editing of selected scenes during the recording process.
Stand: C9606


BMS Carry-Coder II

A portable module for video cameras that performs wireless digital transmission of audio and video signals; offers 4:2:2/4:2:0 MPEG 2 encoding and a low delay, COFDM digital demodulation and RF amplification in a compact package; can be used in a backpack configuration or plugged directly on to the back of most professional video cameras.
Stand: C1406


Intelsat all-digital fiber-based video delivery network

Intelsat Video PoPs will provide access to media companies and sports venues; for example, a sports programmer can order delivery of the coverage of a sports event — be it in MPEG-2 SDTV or HDTV, or both — from the sports venue, all the way to its headquarters in full digital transmission, without once having to be decoded.
Stand: C11539


Thomson Grass Valley HD production kit package

Includes LDK 6000 km II camera, Kayak HD 1 M/E switcher, Concerto Series router, Kameleon Media Processing system and PVS 3000 Profile XP Media Platform.
+33 134 207 000
Stand: SU8076


Sony DigitalMaster DVCAM

Reduces the rate of dropouts by 50 percent or more and causes 90 percent fewer errors compared to miniDV tape; also delivers 50 percent less tape shrinkage for increased physical stability; features a dual layer of 100 percent magnetic material to deliver a 2dB increase in the carrier-to-noise ratio, and 30 percent more DLC coating; based on DVCAM's Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME) technology; comes in a variety of lengths, including 32-, 40-, 64-, 124- and 184-minute cassettes.
+44 1932 816000;
Stand: SU11051


MRC Quikvue

Digital COFDM receiver and decoder supports low-delay mode; compatible with MRC's CodeRunner 2, STRATA transmitter or REPORTER; operates at 1.99GHz to 2.5GHz, 2.3GHz to 2.7GHz or 6.4GHz to 7.1GHz; features high-resolution built-in LCD color monitor; decodes MPEG-2; can output ASI, SDI and NTSC composite signals simultaneously; incorporates new feature called Link Quality (LQ), which measures signal strength of the COFDM transmission and allows operators to monitor cliff effect to minimize sudden dropouts.
Stand: C3206


Harris Dataplus

Network-agnostic datacasting system offers content providers the ability to use unused digital bandwidth for new services for media-rich data such as public safety information, educational material, advertising to remote locations and multimedia on demand to large numbers of receivers without expensive Internet connections.
+44 118 964 8000
Stand: C1906



Part of the Io family; designed for analog component or composite system; 10-bit video available on all analog inputs and outputs; can be used in a desktop configuration or mounted in an optional 1RU mounting bracket; offers full support for Apple Final Cut Pro on Mac OS X.
Stand: SL3654


Vistek Electronics V1664

Is a standard module from the V1600 range of products; fits into any of the V1600 range housings; designed to convert serial digital video into analog composite video in the SECAM format; features a full range of front-panel controls, with specific control of SECAM notch, saturation level and bottles on/off.
+44 1628 531221;
Stand: C6106


Doremi Labs MCS-HD

HD video server has four independent, shared-storage channels; two play channels, two record channels; selectable compression rates; VTR-like front panel.
+33 492 952 830
Stand: C2529


T-Systems Media&Broadcast

Offers turnkey studio solutions and modern, PC-based processes; offers broadband transmission services and integrated studio solutions, including outside broadcast, satellite solutions, streaming media solutions, digital TV and distribution networks.
+49 761 880 62 392
Stand: C9613


DaletPlus News Suite

Provides real-time access to and editing of video, audio, wires, stills, feeds and CGs over a standard IT network; supports MPEG-2, DV and DVCPRO; controls CGs, teleprompters, video servers and other newsroom devices; users can edit, write scripts and manage rundowns from their desktop; built-in newsroom workflow provides controlled access and task assignment functionality.
+33 1 40 38 01 39;
Stand: SL3842


Videssence Baby Base

84-watt instrument features light output from a lightweight compact housing; can be used for studio back lighting, location single-talent shoots and executive three point lighting setups; adjustable mounting yoke allows rotation for ease of focus and may be locked into place; comes with two 42-watt Triple Tube high-color rendering fluorescent lamps; all units are formed aluminum that are post-painted with TGIC polyester powder coat; units may be ordered in dim and non-dim configurations; integral dimming control is provided for the 0-10 Analog Dimming option.
Stand: C8625


Euphonix System 5-B

Flexible, modular surface and I/O design; star-format Ethernet module interconnection for more secure operation; multiple-CPU-based system runs low-level VX Works OS for reliability; features eight knobs and 100mm touch-sensitive moving fader per channel; TFT displays are located at the top of each channel for metering, EQ dynamics, and pan graphs and routing; features SnapShot Recall of all console settings; has 48 layouts for different surface configurations; surround panning and monitoring are standard.
Stand: N3616


Canon J22ex7.6B

The first in Canon's new e-IFxs broadcast lens series; incorporates lead free glass; equipped with an informational display and control paddle, e-IFxs series users can customize the enhanced digital functions and take advantage of new features such as Focus Preset, Zoom Track, AUX1 and AUX2 switches for quick access to user-assignable functions, and precise user-settable zoom and focus curves.
+54 11 4325 9800
Stand: SU9649


Pinnacle Systems DekoVIA

Integrates template-based Deko automation into news workflow; enables journalists and editors to select and populate Deko graphics directly within their script; system automatically conforms the graphics for playout.
+49 531 2183 0 (opens in new tab)
Stand: SU10160


Axon Digital Design SIM10

Designed for the Synapse modular range; checks the integrity of the SDI signal and gives a monitor output that shows any reported errors, as well as indication of several metadata values; the four reclocked outputs make the card an ideal input card to a central router with direct connection to a routed monitor wall.
+31 13 511 66 66;
Stand: SU7548


Accom Abekas Dveous/MX

Housed in a rugged 4RU chassis; can work as a dual twin or quad twin system in standard definition (525 or 625) or in high definition (720, 1035 or 1080 at all known frame rates) with a simple setting change; features include UltraWarp, SurfaceFX, SuperShadow, TimeFrame Effects Editor, reTouch color correctors, OrbitalFX, Supermatte, SpiralFX, Target FrameStore, Wide range Defocus and Solid Builder.
Stand: SU8058


Curious Software Curious gFx Pro and Curious gFx Pro+

Are 8-bit and 16-bit, respectively; offer a paint engine for moving images, a new roto-matte system and a range of features for wire and rig removal or content restoration; all of those features are fully integrated into a resolution-independent layered compositing and effects system.
+44 20 7428 0288
Stand: SL563


Drake FreeSpeak

Full-duplex, digital wireless intercom comprises cell controller card, antenna splitter and active antennas; each antenna supports up to five beltpack users.
+44 172 787 1200
Stand: SU6776


Snell & Wilcox RollCall

Enhancements include the addition of RollSNMP, which enables RollCall to monitor SNMP status information from the products of other vendors; RollMap, which offers a global view of the entire infrastructure of a broadcast operation, whether contained in a single building or deployed around the globe; and RollPod, topology control architecture that enables virtual products to be created easily from disparate elements of a broadcast infrastructure.
+44 20 8917 4300;
Stand: C6421


Visual Circuits Gemini

Combines MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 for SD or HD hardware decoding with a 32-bit graphics accelerator; multiple outputs allow SD and HD video to co-exist; independent and scalable video or graphics regions can be combined on-screen with adjustable transparency and blending effects; simultaneously process high-resolution, 32-bit graphics with video whether still or full-motion, SD or HD.
Stand: SL3501


Encoda Systems D-Series Version 4

Based on open source, standards-based Linux version 2.6, an integrated open source SQL-compliant database and non-proprietary hardware technology; offers support for an off-the-shelf server hardware platform and the ability to handle real-time environments to the level required in a frame-accurate broadcasting environment where downtime is not an option.
+44 20 8339 1822;


Chyron C-Mix HD

Features simultaneous SD and HD outputs; includes four SD video and key inputs as well as a background layer, an SD mixer and an HD upconverter; the four video and key sources can come from a Chyron product or any other device with SD outputs, when used with Lyric software, the mix information becomes part of the CG message time line.
+44 1189 866 123;
Stand: MJ0149


Panasonic DVCPRO P2 series

Features full compatibility with DVCPRO; includes high-speed file transfer, laptop field editing without requirement for proxy videos and compatibility with off-the-shelf data storage drives for archiving; offers resistance to environmental stress; features P2 solid-state memory card.
+44 8700 100 464
Stand: C3811


Ikegami HDK-79EX HD camera

Compact, portable HD camera; integral fiber adapter makes camera compatible with any Ikegami fiber base station.
+49 2131 1230;
Stand: C6428


STAGETEC (Salzbrenner Mediagroup) AURUS

Features an analog-style surface with full instant control to the mixing functions achieved by implementing space-saving dual encoders in the channel strips; offers up to 96 assignable channel strips and approximately 300 audio channels, various console automation functions and connectivity for two master consoles with individual project handling.
+49 9545 440 0;
Stand: N2034


Mark Roberts Motion Control Ulti-Head

Pan/tilt remote head for motion control; carbon fiber adjusting tubes allow quick assembly and fast camera change; can be mounted on crane, tripod, or Panther dolly.
+44 134 233 4700;
Stand: C7826


RIZ-Transmitters DRM Compact Solution

Includes the RIZ DRM exciter and RIZ 1kW SW linear amplifier, which transmits digital signals to a DRM receiver; exciter complies with ETSI's DRM system specification; ready for use with new, digital-ready transmitters.
+385 1 2355 222;
Stand: N2116


Neutrik Chassis Connectors “AA” Series

Features a larger surface contact and gold plating at the contact mating area; has a drop-in replacement for comparable “A” series part numbers; compatiblity includes panel cutout and PCB layout; comes available in 12 standard 3-pin female horizontal and vertical PC-mount versions only.
+423 237 24 24
Stand: C5842


Inscriber Inca Studio

Provides multiple layers of independently controlled graphics, clocks, logos, real-time element transitions, real-time organic dissolves, and page-formatted rolls and crawls; multichannel effects are achieved on a single channel, freeing switcher rails once occupied by numerous CGs, DDRs, logo generators and other equipment.
+31 297 380930
Stand: SL4718


Nucomm Analog Coder 2

Modem enables digital transmission of up to two simultaneous video programs over existing analog ENG equipment; occupies 12MHz channel in the 2GHz band.
Stand: C1425


Leitch VelocityQ 2×4

Combines Velocity software interface with the Quattrus multi-stream real-time hardware, for an integrated, advanced multi-layer NLE solution; both models feature real-time playback of four streams of video in any combination of compressed or uncompressed and up to six graphics streams; features Q3DX2 dual-channel 3-D DVE; Leitch Quattrus cards and Q3DX4 and Q3DX2 DVE modules are also available to third-party OEM developers for incorporation into their own products and applications.
+44 1344 44 60 00;
Stand: SU9868



Uses the same playback engine as VSN Matic; operates with two channels on the same playout; can acquire a second redundant playout to configure it with the main playout and on-air video server using clustering technology.
+34 93 734 99 70;
Stand: SU10278


Miranda Kaleido-Alto

Designed for simpler and smaller monitoring environments requiring fewer inputs; uses the same high-quality image display technology as the top-of-the range Kaleido-K2 processor; features auto-sensing SDI/analog inputs and displays clocks/timers, UMDs, tallies, and audio metering.
+33 1 55 86 87 88;
Stand: SU10129


Fujinon A18x7.6BERM/BERD

Features a wide angle of 60 degrees at 7.6mm, focal length ranmme of 7.6- to 137mm and 18x magnification; offers easily programmable digital features, allowing the operator to customize the lenses to their preference; the lens can be controlled remotely via a PC's RS-232 control port; Inner Focus, a servo module with Digi Power, Quick Zoom, One-Shot Pre-Set, Cruise Zoom, and RS-232 control ports are standard features.
+49 2154 9240;
Stand: SU11542


Sachtler Artemis

Designed for both top-heavy film cameras and tail-heavy camcorders; Artemis SDI Pro's connection cable is able to handle high-data transfer; all-metric construction except for components with internationally standardized dimensions, such as the post diameter, camera plate and arm connector; offers dual-dynamic balance, including a third battery that can be independently adjusted; focus remote receivers can be mounted on both sides to improve the camera's center-of-gravity balance; Artemis Cine/HD system (shown here) features three video lines so operators can use HD RGB video cameras without downconverters.
+49 8932158200;
Stand: C7628


Sigma Electronics DV5000 series

Incorporates Sigma Electronics' DATC, OctaStream, OctaBus and the S5000 signal management frame; holds up to 10 modules and allows full, unrestricted access to all modules; series includes the DV5515 frame synchronizer and latency control module, incorporating memory sufficient to delay HD video for up to 10×25Hz frames; also includes the DV5505, a DA with one SDI input and eight SDI outputs at a serial data rate of 270Mb/s.
Stand: SU11043


Thomson Grass Valley 1 M/E Kayak HD

Compact, 3RU-high switcher supports 1080i and 720p HD native productions; 16 inputs, four keyers, 10 auxiliary busses; switchable to SDI 525 and 625.
+33 134 207 000
Stand: SU8076


Panasonic AJ-SDC905

Dual-mode DVCPRO50 has IEEE 1394 input/output to assure the lossless transfer of 50Mb/s digital video for NLE; offers EFP-quality 4:2:2 sampled DVCPRO50 or classic 4:1:1 sampled DVCPRO recording, and 16:9 widescreen or 4:3 aspect ratios; is equipped with 12-bit A/D DSP circuits; is outfitted with a Super Gain function with a maximum gain of 48dB and a time-accumulate Digital Super Gain; offers as standard a pre-recording function that permits it to capture spontaneous scenes.
+44 8700 100 464;
Stand: C3811


Vinten/Radamec Quattro S

Small-base studio pedestal is the latest addition to the Quattro range; designed for multi-camera studio applications; offers a 4-stage telescopic column to enable eye line shots on or off a raised platform; triangular column design provides torsional stiffness to minimize unwanted rotational movement; small steering ring including tactile direction indicators and low-friction wheels allow omnidirectional tracking; new balance profile minimizes the effort required by the operator to raise the pedestal.
+44 1284 752121;
Stand: SU9643


Ross Video v 1.0 of the OverDrive production control system

Enables touch-screen control over devices used in productions such as news, sports or live events; OverDrive integrates with the Synergy SD and MDX series of production switchers, leveraging powerful control interfaces over video servers, VTRs, DDRs, audio mixers, robotic cameras, routers, still stores and more.
Stand: SU11029


Opticomm DVX-5400

Transmits four channels of uncompressed serial digital video across one laser; uses time division multiplexing (TDM) to eliminate the need for one laser per channel of video; also eliminates the need to assign an independent bandwidth to each channel; through TDM, assigns recognition keys to each channel to identify the start of each channel and place it in its proper doorway; each packet of four channels can be transmitted at the same bandwidth with its own place in the time continuum.
Stand: SU11304


Anton/Bauer Dionic

Can be safely added to any inventory of existing Anton/Bauer batteries; can be charged on any Interactive 2000 or TITAN series chargers; automatically compensates for load and environmental conditions; time and state of charge indications are integrated into a single, full-time display.
Stand: C3806


Crystal Vision CoCo104

Features an auxiliary output that can be connected to a monitor to allow previews of any adjustments; can wipe horizontally or vertically between the processed and unprocessed signal; overall gamma is used to lighten or darken the picture without crushing the blacks or the whites; also allows independent adjustment of red, green and blue gamma.
+44 1223 497 049;
Stand: C7143


Pixel Power Clarity family

Extended to include a multichannel CG combined with integrated still store and clip player; features up to four output channels; includes keyframeable animation, integrated multichannel video and audio clip player and four live DVE inputs; available in a single- or dual-channel HD configuration, or a single HD channel can be combined with dual SD channels.
+44 1223 721000;
Stand: C5442


BBC Technology Colledia Control 4.5

Allows a single operator to remotely manage broadcast equipment; provides manufacturer-agnostic support while retaining consistent user interface.
+44 20 7765 4748;
Stand: SU8469


Calrec Zeta 100

Digital mixer available in three standard frame sizes: 24, 32 and 48 faders; has DSP allocation for up to 56 channels; accommodates DSP, digital and analog I/O.
+44 142 284 2159;
Stand: N1012


Panther Classic dolly

Hybrid between the Evolution dolly and its predecessor the Super Panther III; offers new accessories, such as the Cable Head for Panther Broadcast's Pixy crane, which provides the operator with a simple, mechanical 2-axis remote head; allows smooth manual pan-and-tilt with no electrical power needed.
+49 8961 390 033;
Stand: C8235


Broadcast Technology DTVD3010, 3020 and 3030

Modules enable general video monitoring and signal acquisition prior to MPEG encoding/remuxing/acquisition and prior to upconversion for analog cable systems; all three modules take MPEG-2 DVB ASI inputs; outputs include analog composite video and analog audio; SDI video with embedded or AES/EBU audio; and analog composite video, analog audio, and SDI video with embedded or AES/EBU audio.
+44 1264 332 633;
Stand: SU6752


Switchcraft EZ Norm Patchbay

Change the normalling configuration of an audio patchbay by turning a cam mechanism with a standard screwdriver; normals can be changed from full to half to none in one process; opaque designation strips allow the cam to be hidden from view; backpanel options include PPT punchdowns, EDAC style connectors, and 3-pin style.
+44 23 9266 1579;
Stand: C3322


Konan DigitalArchive

Allows users to easily retrieve specific frames from the storage server; asset-management solution features screen capturing, indexing, archiving, text and image searching, and MPEG streaming functions.
+82 2 3489 1000;
Stand: SL2159


ESE ES-452

Inserts SMPTE/EBU time and user bits into video; reads 1/20 to 10x play speed, bidirectional; switchable background mask; keyed or transparent display.
Stand: C2522


Pro-Bel Morpheus

Can manage anything from single channels up to the most complex multichannel environments; features the MediaBall concept, which provides a way to handle secondary events such as interactive TV.
+ 44 118 986 6123
Stand: C8123


Fujinon HA18×7.6BERM/BERD

Designed to complement 2/3-inch high-definition video cameras; works well for handheld HD production; has improved optical characteristics, such as reduced chromatic aberrations, minimized flare and minimized focus breathing; equipped with exclusive GO-Technology that enables the optimization of all optical components in the composition of the lens; this is designed to result in a 20 percent to 30 percent improvement in all optical features, compared with conventional lenses.
+49 2154 924 0;
Stand: SU11542


EVS Broadcast CleanEdit

Nonlinear editing in news configuration allows multiple formats to co-exist within an edit; end-to-end workflow includes voice-over recording; playout is available instantly and can be controlled by station automation.
+32 4 361 7000;
Stand: C3332


PESA Premiere

Small, expandable switcher available in matrix sizes based on 8×4, 12×8, 16×8 and 16×16; accommodates composite, Y/C, RGB and RGBHV video, and stereo audio.
Stand: SU9530


Thales Broadcast & Multimedia DCX Paragon

Available in oil- and liquid-cooled versions; for high-power UHF stations; can be twice as efficient as a conventional IOT and four times as efficient as a solid-state transmitter; has increased reliability because it uses Soft Arc Technology instead of a crow bar.
+33 1 3490 3100;
Stand: C4709


Network Electronics Flashlink

Provides signal processing and signal distribution; features N-Box, new housing that offers a modular and flexible solution for applications where space is limnited or only card is needed; four N-Boxes can be mounted on a 1RU shelf.
+47 33 48 99 99;
Stand: SU11606


Genelec Triple Play

Consists of two Genelec 1029A 2-way, bi-amplified active monitors and a Genelec 7050A LSE active subwoofer; has in-room flat frequency response; each component features an integrated active balanced crossover, driver protection circuit and dedicated amplifier; can produce peak acoustic levels of more than 110dB SPL @1 meter.
+358 17 83 881;
Stand: N4012


Screen Service Italia “Dual-mode” digital modulator

Software enables users to switch between analog and digital transmission with no alignment or tuning at all; can be switched manually or by means of a dry-contact switch, by remote control and/or by a command inserted into the feeding transport stream.
+39 0303 582 225;
Stand: N4312


RFS super-turnstile antenna

Omni-directional, super-turnstile batwing antenna features low profile; the fully radomed antenna supports the entire UHF band (470MHz to 860MHz).
+49 511 676 2731;
Stand: C8617


SeaChange Broadcast MediaCluster

Contains up to 35TB; provides fault resilience, multichannel I/O and standards-based IP network performance; uses 24 drives per server chassis in clusters comprising of three to seven nodes; stores and plays media encoded at 8Mb/s to 30Mb/s.
Stand: SU9661


Chyron HyperX

Uses next-generation high-speed bus architecture with advanced 3D rendering engine technology; coupled with Chyron's Lyric software, it is designed to provide both HD or SD content creation, playout and real-time animations in a cost-effective package.
+44 118 986 6123;
Stand: C4742


Solid State Logic XLogic Channel

Incorporates SSL's XL 9000 K series SuperAnalogue channel processing into a 1U unit; features identical DC-coupled SuperAnalogue processing to the console from which it is derived; this provides a bandwidth greater than 192KHz recorders and a dynamic range well beyond the range of 24-bit A/D converters.
+44 1865 842 300;
Stand: N2412


Quartz Electronics QMC-HD

Handles up to 16 audio channels; optional internal Dolby E decoders; optional logo store/keyer now supports two HD logos, animated logos and audio clip storage.
+44 118 935 0200;
Stand: SU9812


Broadcast Technology DTDA 3000

Ideal for low-cost operational monitoring of DVB services, signal switching and redundancy applications and automated signal switching; module is fully equipped to make switching decisions based on errors monitored in any of the following categories: bit rate (maximum or minimum setting), DVB-ASI transport stream bit rate (inclusive of null packets), null packet rate (the number of null packets present within the DVB-ASI transport stream), PCR clock presence (senses PCR corruption caused by PCR jitter) or PCR absence, PID presence (user-defined PID verified within the DVB-ASI transport stream).
+44 1264 332633;
Stand: SU6752

Note: Booth numbers are current as of press time. Every effort has been made by Broadcast Engineering to ensure the accuracy of the listings.