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Collaboration supports HD sports delivery over less bandwidth

RRsat Global Communications Network is working with international sports distribution and syndication services provider Sm2 Sports Media Solutions and its teleport partner TV2GO in Canada to deliver a number of major HD sporting events with MPEG-4 technologies.

The system dramatically reduces the amount of satellite bandwidth needed. Using MPEG-4 with high modulation, the companies have been able to transmit HD video at 20Mb/s on 9MHz of satellite capacity.

Usually on 9MHz, one can only transmit 9Mb/s or 10 Mb/s, but with the modulation used, the groups transmit 20Mb/s in MPEG-4, which is equal to 30Mb/s in MPEG-2.

Sm2 and RRsat used the technology to transmit the U.S. Open and the PGA Championship and currently are using it to transmit NFL games to international markets.