Cobalt Launches SCTE 104 Software Options

CHAMPAIGN, ILL.—Two new SCTE-104 Digital Program Insertion (DPI) and processing options are now available from Cobalt for the company’s openGear cards and BBG-1000 series of processors. The new software options are the +SCTE104 and the +SCTE104-FAST.

The +SCTE104 option can generate and insert five SCTE-104 messages into baseband SDI as triggered by automation via GPI, SNMP, or JSON using Cobalt’s Reflex protocol. The option can execute auto-response actions based on SCTE-104 messages received and can send newly generated SCTE-104 packets to other downstream systems. +SCTE104 is compatible with a range of Cobalt products, including the +LOGO logo-insertion option.

The second option, the +SCTE104-FAST (Frame-Accurate SCTE Trigger) provides frame-accurate insertion for deterministic results when the program signal is used in downstream video on demand and commercial insertion systems. Users have the ability to author custom messages and send them to the card via XML-formatted files. These files contain timestamp information from automation, which is then used to compare against incoming ANC timecode or UTC time derived from NTP reference.

Either the +SCTE104 or +SCTE104-FAST is available for order with the purchase of a new card, or the options can be activated through the openGear DashBoard control and monitoring application. The options are available for the following cards: 9902-UDX, 9903-UDX, 9922-FS, 9922-2FS, 9932-EMDE, 9950-EMDE-ANC; BBG-1000 Series models: BBG-1002-UDX, BBG-1022-FS, BBG-1022-2FS, BBG-1032-EMDE, BBG-1050-EMDE-ANC.