Cloakware joins the Texas Instruments DSP third-party network to provide content protection solutions for OEMs

Cloakware solutions are currently protecting hundreds of millions of software clients on PCs, portable devices, mobile phones and set-top boxes worldwide.

Cloakware, a security solutions provider, has joined Texas Instruments’ (TI) digital signal processor (DSP) Third-Party Network as a content protection solutions provider. Cloakware offers device manufacturers a class of content security solutions that enables them to get products that meet content protection standards to market faster, at a lower cost and risk.

Content providers only allow the distribution of premium digital content to consumers under strict protection mandates. Device original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must implement both a content protection solution and a methodology for securing that solution. Cloakware security components are offered as pre-hardened digital rights management (DRM) solutions including DTCP-IP and WMDRM, or as security tools to harden other DRM systems and conditional access (CA) systems. Both solutions meet content protection standards dictated by their respective licensing body. TI DSPs coupled with Cloakware's security solutions allow content to be securely distributed anywhere.

The TI DSP Third-Party Network is a worldwide organization of independent companies that offer products and services supporting TI DSPs.

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