Clear-Com launches Eclipse Version 5.1

Clear-Com Communication Systems launched the Eclipse Version 5.1, the latest in the evolution of its digital matrix intercom system. Now able to link seamlessly to Clear-Com’s IP-enabled V-Series control panels and Concert Version 2.0 software-based intercom system, Eclipse V5.1 is at the core of Clear-Com’s Hybrid Time-Divisional Multiplexing (TDM) intercom/IP server network concept, which extends the reach of intercom systems across a broadcast facility.

Eclipse V5.1’s IP linking capability, enabled by Clear-Com’s new IVC-32 IP matrix card, establishes a single communications environment between all traditional hardware and IP-based intercom users in a broadcast facility. This paves the way for new, highly flexible workflows. Some of these scenarios might include communications between reporters located in remote news bureaus and those at the main station, executive staff being able to alert workers in the studio about important programming and airtime issues, and inter-area communication within editing suites or control rooms.

New Logic Maestro and Production Maestro modules for the Eclipse Configuration Software (ECS) are designed to promote fast, easy configuration setups. Logic Maestro gives users access to a graphical object-oriented Control logic tool, which is ideal for rapid programming customization and simulation. The Production Maestro add-on module lets operators interact directly with the Eclipse to quickly set up and manage live dynamic voice communications for small or large networked intercom systems.

Eclipse Version 5.1 retains the features of the Eclipse line of digital matrix intercoms, including multiple connections over CAT5, AES3, coaxial and single twisted pair cables, management software that uses drag-and-drop panel key programming, and versatile yet simple IFB programming. Other features include Crosspoint monitoring and assignment, I/O levels, and event and status logging, along with the ability to link matrices over fiber and digital trunks.