Clear-Com Is Key Player in Broadcast Networks 4X4 OB Unit

The Clear-Com Encore intercom group of products
ALTON, U.K.: As a leading independent systems integrator of broadcast and digital media systems, Broadcast Networks specializes in the design and implementation of master control rooms, studio systems, on-location communications, satellite uplinks and facilities for streaming media, and outside broadcast vehicles.

Our latest foray into the production world is our 4x4 Land Rover live production vehicle, which was unveiled at IBC 2011. We selected the Land Rover model as the basis for this remote production vehicle based on its 4x4 off-road capabilities, which will allow production teams to venture further into regions with extreme temperatures and weather. The production truck is intended for SNG, audio, film and live production in uncharted outside broadcast territories, and this addition makes us the first integrator to incorporate a Land Rover vehicle into an OB fleet.

Our new Land Rover vehicle will be seeing service soon in connection with a documentary being produced by Cutting Edge Productions that's focused on luxury vacation homes being built in Scotland. The Land Rover was specifically commissioned for this job, due to its ability to climb the rough terrain at the construction location.

Due to the size of the truck, we needed a space-saving intercom system that was versatile enough to fulfill each of our clients' unique communication requirements. The intercom would be used primarily for communications between the OB van staff members within the truck and in the field. Clear-Com's Encore Partyline system, with its compact design, comprehensive features and flexibility in a rugged design, fit the bill perfectly. We were also impressed that the system could withstand the rigors of any production.

The Clear-Com Encore Partyline system can interface with, and provide support for, the any reasonable number of cameras that might be needed in their production applications. As our customers will probably be taking the unit to remote locations where tech support isn't readily available, we also needed an intercom system that wouldn't let them down for during production activities. Clear-Com's reliable intercom gear, combined with its unrivalled after-sales support, is one of the reasons that we selected them as a partner in this venture.


Mindful of the space available in the Land Rover, we designed the audio gear—including a Clear-Com Encore MS704 main station—to be as flexible as possible to maximize the use of the truck. The setup that we engineered allows a production team to swap out different gear, easily transforming the truck from an SNG or film production vehicle to an audio or live production vehicle, as applications necessitate.

For any production, whether you're shooting in the Scottish countryside, the African jungle or on-location news, communications is important to make sure all production elements are in place and coordinated. Selecting an intercom system that is secure and flexible is an important part of this success. Clear-Com was able to meet this requirement and will provide our customers with a reliable system for years to come.

Paul Wallis joined the Broadcast Networks' management team in early 2011 as sales director, and now oversees the company's worldwide sales and business development. He has more than 20 years of experience in the broadcast sector. He may be contacted at

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