Clear-Com Delivers Sanitization Kits for Headsets

(Image credit: Clear-Com)

ALAMEDA, Calif.—Clear-Com has developed sanitization kits for five of its headset models—CC-300, CC-400, CC-110, CC-220 and CC-26K.

Acknowledging the need for cleaning and disinfecting high-touch equipment to help combat the spread of COVID-19, Clear-Com’s kits consist of replacement ear pads, replacement pop filters, sanitizing wipes, ear sock covers and temple pads in a cloth headset kit bag. User replaceable items for each kit differ based on the structure of the headset and the headset series.

“We try to consider the safety of our partners and end-users every step of the way,” said Simon Browne, vice president of product management for Clear-Com. “Although these are unprecedented circumstances, we need to do our part as much as possible to keep our products safe for use.”

User replaceable items can be purchased separately from the headsets.

For more information, visit Clear-Com’s website (opens in new tab)