Clark Big Player in FCTV Makeover

FREEPORT, MAINE—Freeport Community Television (FCTV) is the community public access and government facility channel here. Our core programming consists of local governmental meetings, special events, and a message board that carries community service announcements. FCTV also operates a remote production vehicle for cablecasting and recording at remote sites.

While we have an origination and recording facility of our own, we also provide coverage of a number of meetings of community interest each month from the Freeport Community Center. Due to the number of events covered at this venue, we felt that some audio and video enhancements would be welcomed in the large meeting room at the center, and recently undertook a project to add these.

The center had been using a portable sound system that needed to be set up and taken down for each meeting. In order to save time and provide a better listening environment for audiences, we decided to install a permanent sound system. In connection with this installation, we selected Clark’s SPKR1202, 12-gauge speaker cable for wiring up the speakers. It provided the durability that the installation required and also the electrical characteristics that were needed.

We also decided to install a number of video monitors and HD cameras around the venue to provide better coverage of the meetings. We needed a video cable for interconnecting these units that could easily pass an HD signal, had a low profile and wasn’t too heavy, due to the routing that we had to follow. Clark’s CD7523 met both the electrical and mechanical characteristics needed for the project. This is a “miniature” video cable, and initially we had some concern whether it could stand up to the rigors of both the installation and long term wear and tear. However, we learned that the crush resistance and aging characteristics of the CD7523 surpassed industry standards in many cases, so it should perform very well over the long haul.

As we were new to Clark’s CD7523, we were pleasantly surprised to discover a bonus feature. The cable’s very flexible outer jacket makes it quite manageable during the installation process and also easy to strip with either manual or powered cable strippers. This saved us a lot of time and effort. All in all, we were very pleased with our selection of Clark cable products selected for this installation.

I have used Clark Wire and Cable products on many occasions and due to this experience, they were my first choice for the project. Although electrical and mechanical quality is certainly a factor when you’re choosing a cable product, this wasn’t the only reason that we opted to go with Clark. The company is also very responsive when it comes to fielding customer inquiries, and having someone there to immediately answer my technical questions certainly has made my job a whole lot easier. Clark ultimately fulfilled all of our requirements for this project.

By providing easier, better and more efficient access to community information, along with better sound reinforcement in the community center facility, we think we have greatly streamlined the whole meeting process.

Rick Simard has 25 years of experience in the broadcast industry and is currently the director of Freeport Cable TV. He is also technical director of multiple access sites. He may be contacted

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