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Ciprico RAIDCore exceeds 2.2GB/s performance for video storage

Ciprico’s RAIDCore host bus adapter (HBA) in a storage server is now capable of exceeding 2.2GB/s of throughput.

The 24-drive array using Hitachi’s Ultrastar SAS hard disk drives spans across three RAIDCore SAS/SATA HBAs, enabling sustained high performance operation, significantly higher capacity and superior data management. The company demonstrated the technology in mid-November at the SC07 High Performance Computing Conference in Reno, NV.

High performance computing (HPC) is often limited by the disk I/O subsystem’s ability to process tremendous amounts of data at sufficient speeds. Using RAIDCore spanning technology, multiple RAIDCore HBAs can be aggregated to build single, flat RAID arrays of up to 32TB, resulting in greater performance, superior management and improved storage density, while eliminating the I/O bottleneck.

This contrasts with other storage HBAs that either aggregate all traffic through a single controller, creating a bottleneck both on the PCI Express bus and in the controller’s onboard CPU, or forces users to stripe across RAID storage arrays using the operating system, causing performance and management issues, as well as decreased storage utilization.

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