ChyronHego Releases Prime 3.7 Graphics System

PRIME 3.7’s Chyron Classic Keyboard allows LYRIC CG users to drive PRIME with the same special keys and keyboard shortcuts. (Image credit: ChyronHego)

MELVILLE, N.Y.—ChyronHego is rolling out the latest version of its Prime graphics platform, Prime 3.7. The primary focus of this iteration of the platform, according to ChyronHego, is to meet the expectations of operators in live playout environments.

One of the key features of the Prime 3.7 is the integration with the new Chyron Classic Keyboard, which will enable users to drive Prime with the special keys and keyboard shortcuts available through the Chyron Classic Keyboard, per ChyronHego. With additional options to configure and customize keyboard shortcuts through the Prime interface, this should enable faster live playout.

Operators can now save .psk and .dsk files with Prime 3.7 to keep, recall or transfer preferred shortcut key settings for playout and design. Graphics can also be saved as .tiff, .png or .jpg for reference or use off the system. There is also new file zipping and file management functionality.

In addition, operators can now tab to different areas of the user interface and easily see the next message set to cue to a channel, even as they switch from one channel to another.

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