ChyronHego Helps KLAS-TV Debut New Look

LAS VEGAS—KLAS-TV, 8 News Now has served the Las Vegas community since 1953. As our market has grown more competitive, one of the ways we’ve stayed ahead of the technology curve has been to continually adapt our brand and presentation format. A couple of years ago, we took a major step forward by installing a suite of broadcast graphics solutions from ChyronHego, which included four channels of playout on a Mosaic graphics engine and PowerClips multiformat production clip server.

We continued to operate with our previous look and feel, with a plan to embark on a complete graphics refresh including an all-new set for our news studio. The release updates to ChyronHego’s Camio graphic asset management system last year propelled us forward with the project, enabling us to build a completely new look and graphics workflow from scratch.

The Camio workflow has allowed the KLAS graphics team to focus more on graphics creation.NEW LOOK
The 2016 NAB Show offered the ideal opportunity for ChyronHego to unveil the new look for KLAS. Prior to the deadline, we brought in the ChyronHego consulting team who walked us through the features in Camio and showed us how we could rethink our workflow and streamline graphics creation using the new tools built into Luci, Camio’s modular graphics fulfillment interface. From there, we brought in a creative services team from ChyronHego to execute a complete news graphics package integration leveraging our Lyric resources in a Camio workflow.

Prior to the graphics refresh we had added another channel to Lyric in order to accommodate the NewsTicker application. Now, with ChyronHego’s acquisition of Newsroom Solutions, maker of NewsTicker, we have a “one-stop-shop” for creating ticker graphics and integrating them with the graphics created in Lyric. Plus, with News-Ticker and Luci working in tandem, this has brought even more flexibility and graphics power to both news and master control.

By adding additional Lyric channels dedicated to playout, we’re able to spread our resources and maximize workflows. The new configuration also streamlines our use of PowerClips, automating the previous process in which producers had to build the PowerClips stack manually for playout prior to a show. Also, we’re now able to use PowerClips to drive the monitors on the set rather than using oldschool DVD players, as we were doing before.

The Camio-driven graphics workflow has brought impressive time savings and new flexibility to our news operation. Graphics creation is more instantaneous because Luci places more control in the hands of our producers. We also added Axis World Graphics to our workflow, which allows our producers to quickly use templates to create graphics for broadcast. Rather than have to send every graphics request to an artist, a producer can update a graphic on the fly and then immediately play it out to air. This allows our graphics artists to be less burdened with as many day-to-day tasks and focus on more strategic projects.

Not only did the ChyronHego team help with the actual implementation and graphics template creation, they played an important strategic role as well, taking the time to observe our newscasts and how we were using the equipment previously. With input from our newsroom team, producers, graphic artists, and directors, ChyronHego came up with a plan that would help us leverage Axis, Camio, Luci, Lyric, and NewsTicker in new and effective ways to build a newsroom setup that would serve us well into the future.

Tim Foley is director of technical services and Eric Aegerter is senior director for KLAS, the CBS-affiliate station based in Las Vegas. They can be contacted

For more information, please visitwww.chyronhego.comor call 631-845-2000.