ChyronHego Announces VistaCam

MELVILLE, N.Y. – ChryonHego announced the launch of its new broadcast graphics technology, VistaCam, designed for panoramic in-studio video display, providing an ultra-high resolution backdrop for in-studio shows.

VistaCam was developed after a U.K. sports broadcaster sought to fix pixilation of signals from cameras on location onto their video wall. ChyronHego based the VistaCam on the Super-HD camera units used in the TRACAB optical player tracking systems.

Using TRACAB’s image processing technology, ChyronHego designed a portable camera unit of four HD cameras that transmit the video streams over a Gigabit Ethernet connection, allowing VistaCam to stitch together the feeds to create a high-resolution, near 180-degree video panorama.

VistaCam software includes an intuitive GUI for real-time color correction in the studio and can be integrated with ChyronHego’s resolution-independent Lyric64 graphics creation and playout platform.