Chyron upgrades key high-performance graphics, branding systems

Chyron has launched the next-generation platforms of two flagship products: the LEX3 graphics system and the Channel Box2.

The new Channel Box2 platform delivers more HD capabilities including three HD DVEs. Customers can benefit from the new universal 4.0 software release, which includes VB scripting, API, automatic file monitoring, X-keys Pro support, dynamic image and movie replacement, user interface enhancements and more. With Channel Box2, broadcasters can run credit squeezes live to air, reducing costs and avoiding the need to spend hours of edit suite time creating prepackaged credit squeezes. Additionally, combining the end credits of one show with the first segment of another can increase ad inventory by up to 30s each time per show.

The new LEX3 is ideally suited for the smaller broadcaster or mobile facility where advanced features and better performance are important for those about to enter the world of HD graphics. The new system includes a host of new options including touch-enabled graphics, integrated clips, DVE and second video input. The LEX3 midrange graphics system offers scalability to fit graphics needs, technical requirements and budget.