Chyron Star Shines Bright at Cowboys Stadium

Dwin Towell
I'm an engineer who doesn't like to spend a lot of time crawling around behind equipment racks sorting out problems, particularly as I'm in charge of broadcast engineering for the world's most visible new sporting and events venue, the Cowboys Stadium.

In addition to being a high profile venue, you could say that Cowboys Stadium is also one giant television studio. Certainly everything about the complex here has been designed and built with the audio/visual, and ultimately, television, experience in mind. We planned this experience to be directed not just at those attending games here, but for the viewers at home as well.

A big part my job is ensuring that everything runs smoothly and performs as it should. Therefore, I have to trust that any technology that I commit to does everything that it's supposed to do.


In the area of graphics, I trust Chyron. I have had a long association with the company's products, and have also been a Chyron system user for more than 30 years. Chyron is a name that everyone recognizes, and that's due to the fact that they have consistently been the industry leader in delivering graphics technology that really works.

We installed three of Chyron's top-of-the-line HyperX3 graphics systems to handle the graphics requirements of Cowboys Stadium's massive video display board―the world's largest. There are also nearly 3,000 other LCD screens throughout the stadium complex, and our experience with providing graphics for all of these displays has been great.

We're using the HyperX3 capabilities for all of the events held here; not just Cowboys home games. We continue to stay busy hosting other NCAA football events―including the upcoming AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic―as well as with the 2010 NBA All Star game and are looking forward to the 2011 Super Bowl.

The HyperX3 really gets a workout around here and has consistently performed flawlessly.


What you also get with Chyron―because of its long history in the business and the universal popularity of its graphics systems―are skilled and readily available operators. This is true anywhere in the country. You never have any trouble finding someone to run a Chyron system, and run it well.

Burst Video did a wonderful job on the Chyron installation for us, and we have had excellent support from Chyron.

In fact, we've been so impressed with Chyron's teamwork and technical support, that we also looked into other areas that the company works in, and our organization was not disappointed. Chyron Creative Services developed an excellent graphics package for use in our facility. This has now been fully implemented and it has further improved our highly professional look and feel. The package simultaneously addresses the practicalities of seamlessly importing real-time news, scores and statistics.

Our goal has always been to provide our fans with the best technology available and Chyron hasn't let us down in their area of expertise.

Dwin Towell is a Dallas native and has worked as a consultant with the Cowboys since 1990 and was appointed as Director of Broadcast Engineering Services in 2008. He may be contacted

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