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Canon unveils pair of 1920 x 1080 camcorders

Canon has unveiled the XF305 and XF300 professional camcorders, which employ the Canon XF codec, an MPEG-2 4:2:2 50Mb/s codec, for capturing and recording native 1920 x 1080 video onto affordable, universally available CompactFlash (CF) cards.

Uniting video, audio and metadata into a single file, the Canon XF305 and XF300 use an MXF (Material eXchange Format) file wrapper to maximize compatibility with existing industry infrastructure and nonlinear editing systems.

The Canon XF305 and XF300 are engineered for multiple production applications, including broadcast news, documentary and independent filmmaking and event videography.

The Canon XF305 and XF300 professional camcorders include a Genuine Canon 18x HD L-series lens, providing documentary filmmakers and news camera operators with the focal-range versatility required in the field.