Canon unveils HDgc lenses for general HD applications

Canon Broadcast has introduced the HDgc, a new line of lenses engineered for general HD applications.

The new lenses combine the best optical features of Canon's lenses, including reduced chromatic aberration and high and well-controlled MTF, with digital operational tools that include Shuttle Shot, Framing Preset and Speed Preset in a line-up that delivers HD optical quality and other higher-end lens advancements.

The HDgc lens line includes three 1/2in CCD cameras:

  • the KH21ex5.7 IRSE telephoto lens
  • the KH10ex3.6 IRSE wide-angle lens,
  • a 16X standard lens, which will be available in late 2006.

Digital "eDrive" is available on all three and is a principal difference — along with a built-in 2X extender — between these models and the more economical KH20x6.4 KRS lens for 1/2in HD CCD cameras and the KJ20x8.5B KRS lens for 2/3in HD CCD cameras.

The lenses, designed for compactness and low weight, incorporate special elements without lead to minimize environmental impact. The KH20x6.4 KRS and the KJ20x8.5B KRS lenses feature Canon's exclusive Shuttle Shot function.

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