Canon Unveils Group of New UHD Products

MELVILLE, N.Y.—Good things come in bunches, at least that is what Canon is hoping to prove as the company has announced a slate of new UHD products that it has made available. Just unveiled are the new EOS C700 line of cinema cameras, DP-V2420 and DP-V1710 4K reference displays, and the XC15 video camcorder.

EOS C700

Canon has expanded its Cinema EOS line of cameras with the introduction of the EOS C700, EOS C700 PL and EOS C700 GS PL cinema cameras. Both the C700 and C700 PL feature a Super 35mm 4.5K sensor with wide dynamic range, while the C700 GS PL has a Super 35mm 4K sensor with a global shutter. All three cameras support Apple ProRes. A fully-integrated recording and workflow option is offered through Codex, allowing for high-speed recording. Additional features include a “de-squeeze” function for monitoring, Full HD high-frame-rate recording, and the ability to integrate with Canon 4K displays. The EOS C700 and EOS C700 PL will be available in December, the EOS C700 GS PL in January 2017.

The DP-V2420 and DP-V1710 4K reference displays feature Canon-developed image-processing engines, proprietary backlight systems and IPS LCD panels. The DP-V2420 comes in at 24-inches and supports HDR standards and display methods. The display qualifies as a Dolby Vision mastering monitor and complies with the ITU-R BT.2100-0 HDR standard. The DP-V1710 is a 17-inch 3840x2160 resolution display that is capable of delivering HD, UHD and 4K imagery in mobile production vehicles. The DP-V2420 will be released in November, while the DP-V1710 will come out in February 2017.

Then there is the XC15 4K video camcorder, a 4K UHD digital video camcorder in a compact body. Building off the XC10, the XC15 enables shooting with an external microphone through an XLR input and features “Look” modes, providing it to match the abilities of different cameras, including Canon professional cameras. It features an 1-inchCMOS sensor and DIGIC DV 5 image processing platform. The XC15 will be available in September.