Canon Launches New 4K Portable Zoom Lenses

MELVILLE, N.Y.—Announcing two new lenses is better than one and that’s exactly what Canon has done, launching two new portable 4K UHD broadcast lenses, the Canon CJ45ex9.7B and CJ45ex13.6B. Both lenses are designed for use with broadcast cameras featuring 2/3-inch sensors. The CJ45ex9.7B provides a high zoom ratio, while the CJ45ex13.6B provides the same zoom ratio and a long focal length.


Each lens features a 45x zoom radio and wide-angle focal length of 9.7mm to 437mm and 13.6mm to 612mm, respectively. Both lenses employ Canon optical design technology that features optimal lens positioning using fluorite and Ultra-low Dispersion glass. These enable the capture of 4K UHD imagery from the center of the imaging field to the periphery and across the entire zoom range. Also included in the lenses are three 20-pin connectors for zoom control, focus control and access to the virtual terminal. There is also a 16-bit absolute value encoder in the digital drive unit to eliminate the need for any initialization.

Canon plans to release the CJ45ex9.7B in April 2018, with the CJex13.6B following in May 2018.