Canon Introduces New Line of ENG/EFP Lenses

At NAB, Canon debuted the J22ex7.6B, the first in its e-IFxs series of lenses for ENG/EFP.

Designed for standard definition production, the lens features a 22x zoom range and 7.6 wide angle, the widest angle portable telephoto lens on the market, according to Canon. The new line is built on Canon's original IFxs technology that uses digital advances to bring higher performance and specs to smaller and more compact lens packages.

Canon has also added the ability to store nine user-customized lens settings for zoom and type of shot. Users can set precise zoom and focus curves and a "Precise Movement Mode" can be memorized for zoom seesaw, zoom demand and preset controls. Information on memorized settings are shown on an LCD display on the lens and the information can be transferred to other units using a serial cable.