Camera Corps unveils HD MiniZoom camera, controller

Camera Corps’ new HD MiniZoom is a miniature broadcast-quality 720p/1080i 50/59.94Hz HD camera with integral remotely controllable zoom lens.

Developed to meet the company's own requirements for sporting events and reality TV shows, the HD MiniZoom is now being offered for sale or rent to program originators and independent service providers.

Measuring just 3.77in x 1.92in x 1.77in, the camera incorporates a 1/3in 2-megapixel CMOS sensor with 10X zoom lens (5.1mm-51mm) in a weatherproofed aluminum housing. Weighing .628lbs., the HD MiniZoom has low power consumption (3.8W at 6V-12V DC) and can be used in full auto mode with the lens at wide angle. Output is YPrPb on a single six-pin Lemo connector.

An auxiliary interface provides all the necessary data decoding to allow full manual control of iris, zoom, focus and tally light from a small local control panel or full remote joystick and CCU panels.

The camera is available from Camera Corps for rent and Polecam for sale.

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