Calrec unveils Offline Editor

At NAB2008, Calrec Audio introduced its Offline Editor, which is designed to save operator time and maximize the effective use of a console by enabling productions to be configured on a remote PC.

The Offline Editor is especially useful when schedules are tight. Freelance operators can use it on their own PCs to set up an OB truck’s audio board virtually in anticipation of a game, concert or other upcoming event. The settings can then be saved to removable media and downloaded to the board when needed. In a busy control room where an audio board may be in constant use, preconfiguring via the Offline Editor on a remote PC can enable nearly instant turnaround between broadcasts.

Because the Offline Editor mirrors the Calrec console’s own PC application, another use for it is in familiarizing new operators with the board’s function without using the board itself.

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