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Calibre Adds Streaming to Scalers and Switchers

BRADFORD, ENGLAND—Calibre’s series of scale and switchers will now offer streaming capability the company announced. The seventh-generation HQView600 series presentation scaler-switchers, LEDView700 series LED scaler-switchers and HQUltra700 series live event scaler-switchers will now feature a streaming video input option.

Calibre CEO Tim Brooksbank at InfoComm 2016

Selected by an additional input select key on the system’s front panel, this new streaming video input option enables direct ingest of HD H.264 content via a gigabit Ethernet port; this port also remains available for webserver and remote control API use. The streaming video input models include support for Calibre’s HQUltraFast 0.25 second input switching. The HQUltra scaler-switchers also include H.264 hardware decode to enable a clean decode of streaming video and without additional loading on the system software.

Calibre is displaying the new streaming video input at InfoComm 2016.