Cache-A integrates LTFS across LTO-5 product line

Cache-A has added LTFS capability to all of its LTO-5-based products, including Pro-Cache5 and the new high-performance Power-Cache.

The open-standard LTFS makes tape content compatible and accessible to any facility with an LTO-5 tape drive. As a result, it provides a self-contained content delivery system along every stage of the workflow. This ensures the integrity of the shoot by creating an insurable and bondable media deliverable while providing the standard for content delivery and final archive.

Cache-A’s archive appliances also allow fast, multiuser access to any archived data so editors in a workgroup can archive or access assets from any computer on the network. Furthermore, because Cache-A’s archive appliances are platform-agnostic, they provide heterogeneous workgroup compatibility between Apple Mac, Microsoft Windows and Linux/Unix systems. They also offer workflow compatibility with Avid, Final Cut Pro and digital intermediate software systems.