Cache-A begins shipments of Power-Cache high-performance Archive Server

Cache-A is now shipping its new Power-Cache Archive Server, which includes Cache-A’s latest version 2.1 software release with a range of new features. Power-Cache combines Cache-A’s appliance functionality with a fast disk array and ultra-fast networking for more expandability and accelerated archive and retrieval transfers. Power-Cache features a separate SSD drive for its operating system to ensure peak archiving and restore performance and reliability at all times.

The compact, one rack-unit Power-Cache Archive Server can control up to four LTO-5 drives with up to two concurrently at full speed. Library24 or Library48 options and a one rack-unit expansion chassis that can hold one or two LTO-5 tape drives and be connected in any combination of up to four tape drives.

Power-Cache is launching with Cache-A’s latest version 2.1 software release, which contains many new capabilities for all models including the ability to queue jobs from multiple users or events.