CableLabs uses StormTest Development Center

S3 Group, an Irish-based content delivery platform vendor, has announced that CableLabs is using its StormTest Development Center for automated testing of interactive TV applications. CableLabs has integrated StormTest Development Center with its Enhanced TV (ETV) Activity Reporting System (EARS), which monitors enhanced ETV streams at the operator head end. By connecting StormTest Development Center to EARS, Enhanced Binary Interchange Format applications can be tested quickly and effectively to ensure a quality user experience. As EBIF applications continue to proliferate, providing an increasing number of interactive applications for digital TV subscribers, it is vital that testing be done more quickly and accurately than before.

S3 Group has also installed a StormTest evaluation system at CableLabs in order to help automate User Agent test cases.

StormTest Development Center has been chosen by more than 25 of the world’s leading digital TV operators, broadcasters and vendors including Canoe Ventures, Mediaset and Irdeto. The solution allows for automated testing to be carried out on multiple devices with different test scripts simultaneously for interactive applications, embedded firmware, and digital TV solutions. It provides organizations like CableLabs with enterprise features such as centralized resource management, where testing slots can be pooled across systems and sites, as well as centralized reporting and results management. v