Business leaders pledge support for EU digital economy initiative

The talks centered on how European Union policy can promote job growth and economic development with emerging information and communication technologies
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Leaders of Europe’s major telecom, Internet, TV and music companies met July 11 in London with European Union commission leaders as well as government officials from the UK, Austria and Finland to discuss measures to encourage growth of the digital economy.

The talks centered on how EU policy can promote job growth and economic development with emerging technologies, such as third-generation mobile phones, digital television broadcasting, voice over IP, online music and interactive Web services.

The commission’s i2010 initiative took center stage, gaining support from the gathered business leaders. The initiative envisions completion of the internal market for electronic communications and media services, for a more modern and flexible legal framework for audiovisual content, for efficient and interoperable digital rights management, and for strengthening investment in information and communication technologies.

At the meeting, business leaders agreed to work together with EU members and the Commission steps to unlock the Europe’s digital economy, including:

  • Promotion of media content markets through effective rights protection, licensing arrangements and encouraging legitimate use of content.
  • Modernization of single market rules regarding audio-visual content.
  • Stimulation of investments in new fixed and mobile broadband networks, advanced applications and content-rich services and promotion of competition.
  • Greater efficiency and policy coordination of RF spectrum.
  • Easy access for users to content and services through secure and interoperable software and services.
  • Investing in private and prioritizing public research and development on information and communication technologies.

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