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Burk Will Get Connected With Remote Monitoring and Control Lineup

Burk Technology will display some of its products for remote facility control and its monitoring systems, software and accessories for broadcast, industrial and public sector applications at NAB.

Burk will showcase its WatchBand remote receiver, which provides stereo, phase and field intensity data, streaming audio and decoded RDS to any PC with an Internet connection. Broadcasters can record audio streams for remote playback, as well as log audio metrics for review and analysis. Automatic logging routines allow station-to-station comparisons for the entire market. Logged RDS data reveals content on market stations.

The company will also exhibit its AFD-1 ARC and flame detector, which reliably detects a pilot light, flame, or arc from 15 feet, even in broad daylight. Applications include transmitter enclosures, antenna tuning units, transfer switches, etc. It interfaces with remote facility management systems, such as the ARC Plus, ARC-16, GSC3000 or VRC2500.

Burk Technology's SL-1 Serial LAN Extender connects two LANs via an existing serial connection, allowing remote IP access without a separate ISP or VPN.

The SL-1 operates on the same subnet as the local and remote networks, so devices integrate seamlessly over any distance, with minimal security obstacles, at speeds anywhere from 4.8 to 115.2 kbps.

"IP connectivity has reached a critical mass in our market area," said Peter Burk, president of Burk Technology. "However, there is still great disparity from one location to the next in terms of availability and quality of service. We're bringing solutions to NAB that not only help broadcasters benefit from IP deployment, but also allow them to launch IP in areas where it previously wasn't feasible or cost effective."

Burk Technology will be in booths N8611 and C8109.