Broadpeak Launches C-CAS Adaptive Streaming on Set-Tops

RENNES, FRANCE — Broadpeak launched Conditional Access System-Compliant Adaptive Streaming, a new technology that enables pay-TV operators to support adaptive streaming protocols while remaining compliant with conditional access systems on legacy set-top boxes. Utilizing the patented technology, operators can cost-effectively deliver high-quality multimedia services — including HD video — over any broadband network.

C-CAS addresses the challenges pay-TV operators face in cost-effectively delivering encrypted content via adaptive streaming protocols to their existing subscribers’ STBs, which rely on a conditional access system for content protection. Typically, Broadpeak said, an operator wanting to deliver adaptive streaming would be required to upgrade the firmware of every legacy STB with a digital rights management. C-CAS allows operators to capitalize on their investment in existing STBs by supporting adaptive streaming in conditional access system-based STBs.

The first application of C-CAS will be available on Broadpeak’s BkS100 VOD servers. BkS100 VOD servers automatically select the appropriate streaming quality based on available bandwidth.