Broadcast Pix Unveils iPixPad App for iPhone and iPod

Broadcast Pix showcased its new iPixPad application, which enables you to control your Broadcast Pix Slate integrated live production system from your iPhone or iPod. iPixPad is expected to be available as a free download from the online Apple Store within a month.

“Broadcast Pix systems can be controlled from a physical control panel, from a soft panel in a Web browser, and now from an iPhone or iPod,” said Ken Swanton, president of Broadcast Pix. “iPixPad is so easy to use that the talent can control a simple show from their iPhone.”

Each Slate system has its own IP address, so iPixPad can control a specific system. The application replicates a Slate’s PixPad, the bank of 12 buttons on the Broadcast Pix control panel that allows the user to fire off macro memories, as well as select clips and graphics. Unlike macros on conventional switchers that only recall switcher moves, Broadcast Pix macros can also recall graphic and clip files, as well as camera positions. So an iPixPad can control a simple show with macros that select and position cameras and automatically add the appropriate title graphics and animations.

The iPixPad can also be used to augment control of a larger production by providing an additional operator, or even the director, with a wireless controller that can be used to run macros or select graphics or clips.