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British Makalu expedition relies on VISLINK wireless camera technology

VISLINK is providing portable broadcast equipment for the British Forces Makalu 2010 expedition, where climbers plan to conquer one of the most hostile peaks in the Himalayas.

The objective of the Makalu 2010 expedition is for the team of six climbers to place at least two members on the summit and return safely back to base camp. VISLINK's wireless camera will enable video records of the climb, which will be used for blog, Twitter, UK local news, video streaming and documentaries. The team departed for Kathmandu on March 23 and will return to the UK on June 7.

Mount Makalu is comparable with K2 in technical difficulty and considered a harder climb than the southwest ridge of Everest.

VISLINK is providing a complete RF system for the video link between the ascent team and base camp. The communications equipment includes two LINK XPu wireless camera systems, complete with transmitter, antennas and receivers. The cameras include two Sony Go-Pro cameras and a compact Bullet camera, which will be attached to a helmet for the final stage of the ascent to the summit.