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'Hands-On' DVD Gives Sony Z1, FX1 HDV Tips

For shooters who prefer watching video samples to reading the humdrum text of a user's manual, the "Hands on HDV: A Complete Guide to the HVR-Z1U and HDR-FX1"--a video tutorial geared towards videographers learning the ins and outs of Sony's newest HDV camera--is for them.

The DVD--produced by Vortex Media and JTV Productions--shares examples, tips and detailed instructions about setup, using menus and operation, all from the point-of-view of an experienced ENG/EFP shooter.

The footage for 90-minute "how to" DVD covers all types of environments--cityscapes, snowboarders flying down mountains, close up interviews in a studio and b-roll footage.

In-depth instructions suggest techniques for manual exposure, picture profiles, cineframe and cinematone and also color correction for special effects.