Blackmagic Gear of Choice for wTVision

FREMONT, CALIF.—To help bring high-quality soccer broadcasts to its clients, wTVision, a real-time graphics and playout automation provider, is using Blackmagic Design products like the DeckLink family of capture and playback devices to provide software-based broadcast and graphics.

DeckLink serves as the main capture and playback hardware to support wTVision’s software products. For instances, wTVision uses DeckLink as part of its sports, elections, production control room and master control room solutions. This provides the tools for playout automation and live production, including real-time scouting and graphics, video playout control, newsroom system integration, ingest and trim, media asset management and social media.

One specific instance wTVision is using Blackmagic is with a new Bolivian broadcasting facility. With the help of DeckLink Duo 2s and a Graphics Render Engine controlled by a Studio CG video and graphics playout system, wTVision helps create a virtual set that can be used for sport shows and the broadcasting of all the main soccer events in the country. The single engine is also used with Blackmagic’s Ultimatte keyer to place talent and other live objects in the shot in real time.

Additional uses of the DeckLink and other Blackmagic products include its FootballStats CG scouting system and on-air graphics controller; Studio CG for video and graphics playout in all sports and news shows; ChannelMaker for two 24/7 channels playout automation; wTVision Media Playout Server for video playout; and more.