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Beyerdynamic to unveil Headzone PRO XT headphones

At IBC2008, beyerdynamic will introduce Headzone PRO XT, an updated version of its Headzone PRO 5.1 monitoring headphone system.

As with the original system, Headzone PRO XT uses DSP technology and binaural environment modeling to provide surround-sound reproduction with a standard stereo headphone.

The Headzone PRO XT also offers an ultrasonic head-tracking system that locates the orientation of the listener’s head with respect to the source material and adjusts the audio accordingly.

Headzone’s environment simulation software makes it easy to model the sound of a loudspeaker system (up to 5.1) and to recall it at any time.

The parameters that affect sound in a real room can be adjusted virtually, including the position of the loudspeakers in the room, their distance from the listener, the size and the acoustic qualities of the room.

See beyerdynamic at IBC2008 Stand 8.D67, or visit