Beyerdynamic launches DT 1350 headphones

At the NAMM Show, German audio specialist beyerdynamic launched the DT 1350 headphones, the first in beyerdynamic’s new generation of headphones that feature Tesla technology.

The completely re-engineered Tesla drivers are extremely efficient with very low levels of distortion, allowing the DT 1350 to produce a perfectly balanced, accurate sound even at the highest volumes. A combination of highly efficient ambient noise reduction and a maximum sound pressure level of 129dB make the DT 1350 an ideal compact, over-ear (supra-aural) headphone for any environment. The removable, soft ear cushions and flexible headband ensure the headphones sit securely and remain comfortable even during prolonged periods of use. The ear cups swivel 90 degrees for single-ear monitoring.

The pure sound produced by beyerdynamic Tesla systems is the result of the close attention to countless small details. Tesla sound transducers help achieve almost lossless magnetic flux due to a new system geometry, with the magnet mounted as a ring around the coil, allowing more energy to be directed to the membrane. This architecture also allows placement of a drill hole directly behind the center of the membrane to minimize disruptive resonances. The use of a multilayer membrane effectively suppresses unwanted partial vibrations and resultant distortion.

Another special feature of the Tesla systems is its full-metal design. This prevents any uncontrolled resonances in any part of the casing, which might in turn distort the sound. The metal also protects the device against electrical interference.