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Beyerdynamic develops first wireless ribbon microphone

German audio specialist beyerdynamic has introduced a wireless ribbon microphone. Its new RM 510 interchangeable ribbon capsule for Opus 9 and Opus 600 wireless systems is a giant leap forward in ribbon technology.

The RM 510 capsule design features an ultra-light, barely three micrometre thick aluminum ribbon that delivers exceptional frequency response and excellent transient behavior. A unique sound channeling technology provides the capsule with its cardioid polar pattern, making the RM 510 a ribbon capsule perfect for use with wireless microphone systems.

The capsule’s treble resonator delivers rich high-frequency reproduction and also serves to protect against “plosives.” In keeping with beyerdynamic’s manufacturing philosophy, every RM 510 wireless microphone head is handmade in Germany.

By employing a sound labyrinth on the rear of the diaphragm and using an advanced acoustic fabric, beyerdynamic has succeeded in improving not only the sound characteristics but also the technical specifications of the RM 510. A subtle attenuation in the 6kHz range effectively suppresses sibilant sounds and supports the balanced and unobtrusive sound of the RM 510.

The RM 510 interchangeable ribbon microphone capsule will be available for the Opus 600 and Opus 9 wireless systems from the first quarter of 2011.