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Bexel to Show 3D Universal RCP at NAB

Bexel will feature its new Camera Corps 3D Universal RCP at the NAB Show. The company will also showcase its Multi Camera Key Pad Control and Mini Joystick Control.

The Camera Corps (CC) 3D Universal RCP allows six cameras of different makes and models to be remote-controlled from a single panel. The control has all of the functions of the standard CC Control Panel, plus the ability to adjust the two cameras required for 3D individually. The 3D Universal RCP can be used with 3D and 2D systems.

The Multi Camera Key Pad Control is a multi-camera control unit which increases the number of remote camera heads that can be operated via the company’s Joystick Control or CCU Panel from five to 96. It can also be used with Camera Corp’s Multi Camera Combiner unit to allow up to four Joystick operators and up to four CCU engineers to control the 96 cameras and pan & tilt heads simultaneously using a single data line. Up to 255 channel numbers and routing-matrix assignment numbers can be selected via the keypad.

The Mini Joystick Control will also be on display. Up to five separate heads can be operated from a single panel. Reverse settings and control speeds for each of the five channels can be stored in non-volatile internal memory. The Mini Joystick Control operates from 9 to 18 V DC power adapter or battery.

Bexel will be at Booths C3951, C6833.