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Batteries & Lighting -- NAB Show 2012

Battery makers continue to move in both the direction of large, high-discharge power sources for the largest digital cinematography cameras, as well as for powering small cameras and DSLRs and their various accessories.

LED technology continues to dominate the lighting equipment introductions at this year's NAB Show, with color temperature agility, Fresnel designs and HMI replacements leading the way.


Anton/Bauer will introduce the QRC-CA940 Gold Mount system, designed to help streamline battery management for Canon EOS C300 users. It contains three PowerTap outputs for on-camera accessories. The company will also present its Matrix Cheese Plate, a mounting plate that can be used with the company's Gold Mount products. Anton/Bauer will also showcase the QRC-EPIC Gold Mount, designed to provide seamless power to the RED EPIC camera. The QRC-EPIC features one six-pin LEMO connector and two PowerTap connectors for accessories.

Anton/Bauer QRC-CA940 Gold Mount System

Frezzi FLB-200 200 Power Brick
BHV Broadcast will show the Video Ghost, which was designed to bring phantom power to video camera users. Video Ghost now provides 60 Watts of power at 12 Volts for camera headends and remote monitors using existing SDI video cables. It's equally at home with SD or HD signals, and can power composite-to-SDI converters at the camera, avoiding signal degradation suffered by composite video over distances.

Frezzi will unveil its lithium battery model FLB-100 and FLB-200 200 Power Bricks, designed for videographers who require a lightweight, dependable battery with the capacity to run a camera for hours. Also new are Frezzi's FLC-2 dual-channel, and FLC-1 compact single-channel chargers, and the new M2100/M2100A series of all-chemistry chargers. For handheld cameras such as the Sony F3, EX-3 and EX-1 models, Frezzi will showcase their High Power Block Model PB65.

BHV Video GhostIDX System Technology will show its A-E2KPm, a rugged V-Mount chassis and mounting adaptor for the AJA KiPro Mini flash disk recorder. It works with a variety of ENG camera systems, attaching directly to the camera V-Mount, providing power for both the Ki Pro Mini and the camera. IDX will also show its A-E2BT24V battery adaptor, designed for providing DC power for Panasonic monitors BT-3DL2550 and BT-LH2550 using Endura batteries. And the company will display its VL-PVC1 1-Channel V-Plate portable charger.

PAG will present its PAGlink camera battery system, which allows linking of as many as eight 96 Watt-hour V-Mount lithium ion batteries, combining capacities and providing up to 12 Amps for power-hungry cameras. PAGlink batteries form a high-speed serial network that controls discharging and charging while the batteries are linked. The company will also show the PAGlink PL16 charger for the new PAGlink V-Mount lithium ion linking batteries.


ARRIwill unveil its new range of suspension equipment for TV studios and theaters, incorporating pantographs, hoists and telescopes, as well as various rail systems, carriages and accessories. It is digitally based with intuitive control systems. ARRI will also showcase its L7-C and L7-T LED fixtures incorporating Fresnel characteristics. The T model is tungsten color-balanced, while the C model provides controllable color temperatures from daylight to tungsten. The company will also display its M-Series lighting fixtures, combining the advantages of a PAR and a Fresnel.

PAGlink Camera Battery System

ARRI L7-C LE D fixture
Frezzi will showcase its Frezzi HyLight, a free-standing LED fixture powered by batteries or AC power. Free from power cables, the HyLight delivers a clean, uniform white light of high-color quality from a single point source LED. Power options are standard Anton or V-Mount battery bracket or AC power supply. The unit is available with daylight or tungsten lamps and is dimmable from 0 to 100 percent.

K5600 will premier its Joker 1600, providing one full stop more output than the Joker 800. The new instrument provides a choice of optics in addition to Bug-Lite capability for use in light banks and lanterns. The company will also showcase its Alpha 1600, a smaller version of its Alpha 4K and 18K. The Alpha 1600 can be used as a traditional Fresnel, or as an Open-Eye source.

Kino Flo Lighting Systems will unveil its Celeb LED full-spectrum, variable-color soft light. Also look for the Dimming Universal Power Kino Flo lighting systems, the Tegra 4Bank and the BarFly 400D and 200D EFP soft sources. Other Kino Flo cool lights will also be on display, including the Imara S10 and S6.

Litepanels will introduce 3200 degree K versions of its 4- and 6-inch LED Fresnel lights, the Inca 6 and Inca 4. The company will also introduce its Sola 4 and a revamped Sola 6 daylight LED Fresnel. Also check out the Croma on-camera variable color-temperature LED lighting fixture that's designed for news applications. The Luma, a daylight color-balanced version of the Croma will also be shown.

LitePanels Sola 4

Videssence ExceLED 225 "Nine Light"
Lowel Light will take the wraps off its new Lowel Prime models 200 and 400. They're brighter than many similarly-sized LEDs, and feature a 50-degree beam and accurate color.

Matthews Studio Equipment will introduce its new Skyscraper series of heavy-duty, lightweight lighting stands. Three models will be shown for stage, studio, or location lighting.

PRG will unveil its TruColor HS instruments, which are designed to eliminate LED fixture color-accuracy issues. They feature interchangeable phosphor panels and provide more output than traditional 2K incandescent soft lights, while consuming less than 400 Watts.

Videssence will introduce the ExceLED 225 "Nine Light," a powerful 225 Watt LED fixture with an adjustable beam spread. The company will also debut its ExceLED 25 Watt kits, with Videssence 25 Watt fixtures in either 3200 or 5600 degree temperatures.

Details were not available at press time, but Zylight is also planning to introduce a new LED fixture at the NAB Show.