Barix unveils Exstreamer 1000 AoIP device

Swiss-based IP-audio specialist Barix AG has unveiled the Exstreamer 1000, an audio over IP (AoIP) solution that provides a significant cost-savings compared to satellite audio distribution. The one-half, 19in, rack-mountable solution combines Barix Instreamer and Exstreamer functionality in one device that includes contact closures, AES/EBU inputs, balanced audio outputs, a USB input and RS-232 and Ethernet ports. This combination creates a breadth of functionality that can meet a wide variety of broadcaster needs.

In an interview on the NAB Show floor, Barix CEO Johannes Reitschel said, “We call this unit the ‘Swiss broadcast knife’ of IP audio, because the Exstreamer 1000 combines all our products in one box. This provides many functions in a single product. You can use it for confidence checking in broadcast and STL applications — any point-to-point, or point-to-multipoint, audio delivery situation.”

The Exstreamer 1000 encodes the live signal and distributes it at the lowest possible compression rate. Secondary units can receive and decode the audio along with data information to trigger local advertisements, station IDs and public service announcements from any typical automation system. The result is a reliable, near CD-quality audio signal that allows the station to maintain a local on-air feel.

Barix developed the Exstreamer 1000 as a complete encoding/decoding solution with balanced inputs and outputs; a high-quality ADA signal converter; AES/EBU interface; and eight contact closures. Barix is also incorporating a feature that will allow radio broadcasters to transport completely uncompressed audio for a CD-quality signal.

In addition to signal transport for studio transmitter link and confidence monitoring via IP, the Exstreamer 1000 can be configured to detect silence and, if detected, send a network alarm or trip one of its contact closures to activate a secondary audio stream through the station’s automation system. Similarly, a common flash drive can be used to supply an alternate audio stream in case of source failure, or as a digital message repeater to insert local content within a program. In addition, the Exstreamer 1000 can handle EtherSound streams at its full 100Mb rate on a software basis, without additional hardware.

All Barix products are low-power devices with no moving parts and scalable to the growth of the operation. The Exstreamer 1000 can be integrated into virtually any operation requiring audio transport and delivery. Barix also offers its programmable BCL standard open to all customers to easily tailor applications for specific needs. “It’s all on the same theme,” Reitschel said. “It’s about IP connectivity, audio, contact closures and stored memory. The Exstreamer 1000 is designed to meet virtually any need, including some we haven’t thought of yet. This is why we call it the Swiss broadcast knife.”