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Product News

JVC Professional Products Company

GY-DV5100 3-CCD Pro-DV Camcorder

With enhanced image quality and improved operational functions, 3-CCD camcorder is ideal for electronic newsgathering and professional production. The GY-DV5100U utilizes a newly developed 24-bit digital signal processor that produces higher resolution images with dramatically less visible noise than previous models. Its integral 12-bit analog-to-digital converter allows the camera to provide color details throughout its 400% dynamic range. With increased clarity and ability to produce details and colors in both shaded and highlighted areas, the GY DV5100U delivers images previously found only in expensive field production cameras.

The GY-DV5100U is also tightly integrated with JVC's Direct-to-Edit (DTE) disc recording module, the DR-DV5000U. DTE provides all of the advantages of tapeless acquisition with the added benefit of being able to edit directly from the files created by the camera. No time consuming digitizing or transfer is necessary, since the camera's removable hard disc actually becomes part of the editing system. The optional DR-DV5000U attaches to the rear of the camera without cables via a built-in 52-pin connector and works in conjunction with the camera's CPU.

JVC has added a 16:9 mode to address the growing demand for wide screen programming and audio capabilities have also been expanded with 3 XLR microphone connectors built-in.



Support For Pioneer DVD-V5000 Commercial DVD Player

The new Pioneer DVDV5000 commercial DVD player can be automated by LEIGHTRONIX network-managed video system controllers, providing automated and remote control solutions for multiple DVD-V5000 DVD players, breaking the under $500 price barrier for commercial DVD products.

LEIGHTRONIX controllers, including the TCD/IP, NET-164, NET-EC, and MINI-T-NET are specialized, programmable system controllers that provide unattended and remote playback and recording for locally originated cable channels and private in-house communication networks. Multiple DVD-V5000 players can be integrated within a totally automated environment along with other playback and recording devices, such as servers or VCRs.

Communications between the system controller and the DVD player(s) is achieved using the proprietary LEIGHTRONIX PRO-BUS and PLUS-BUS device control bus schemes. The PRO-BUS and PLUSBUS allow selection of control interfaces based on price and the required level of control.


Marshall Electronics

V-R72P-2HD Dual High Definition LCD Monitor

The 7-inch rack mounted and tiltable V-R72P-2HD Dual High Definition LCD monitor represents leading edge technology in LCD imaging for broadcast and professional video applications. The unit features high resolution, 1.2 megapixel, TFT screens with completely digital signal processing. All SMPTE/ITU HD-SDI, SDI, and analog video standards and signal types are accepted and displayed on each screen of this model. Analog signals are digitized using an advanced 10-bit process on each signal path with 4x over sampling and adaptive 5-line comb filter with exacting color space conversion. All video formats are scaled to fit on screen in the highest resolution using a state of the art LSI that incorporates 4x4 pixel interpolations with precision Gamma correction to produce the best images available.
MSRP $3,999.


MULTIDYNE Video and Fiber Optic Systems & Polatis Ltd.

Smaller Matrix Sizes To The FOS Series of Fiber Optic Routing Switchers

MULTIDYNE and Polatis Ltd have introduced smaller matrix sizes to the FOS Series of fiber optic routing switchers. The optical switcher is ideal for video broadcast, production, security, and other video applications requiring transmission and switching of high quality optical signals. The FOS series switcher is available in matrix sizes ranging from 8x8 to 32x32 bi-directional optical ports. It delivers non-blocking, ultra-low loss, deterministic switched video over fiber optic connections without conversion to electrical format.

The system switches any video format over distances in excess of 20 kilometers and supports a wide range of formats from 19.4 Mbps ATSC through 1.5 Gbps HD as well as NTSC, PAL, SECAM, SMPTE 259M Serial Digital (SDI) Video, broadband analog, L-band, IF, Ethernet, T1, DS3 and many more.


Panasonic Broadcast

AJ-SD965 Two-Hour DVCPRO50 Studio VTR with Built-In Color LCD Monitor

Panasonic is now delivering the AJ-SD965, a high-performance 50Mbps DVCPRO50 studio VTR with built-in color LCD monitor.

The AJ-SD965 utilizes the newly-developed DVCPRO XL cassette, which allows two hours of recording in 4:2:2, 50Mbps DVCPRO50 with four-channel 48-kHz, 16-bit digital audio, and for added flexibility, records for four hours in 4:1:1, 25Mbps DVCPRO with two-channel digital audio.

The compact 4RU-size VTR features seamless playback of DVCPRO50, DVCPRO, DVCAM and DV format recordings (cassette adaptor required for mini-DV format cassette playback). An optional IEEE 1394 digital interface board (AJ-YAD955G) is available to easily integrate 50Mbps digital component video into PC or MAC-based nonlinear editing systems.

Its built-in, front-panel 3.5-inch monitor and tiltable front control panel add convenience in recording and for on-air broadcasting. The panel's high-resolution LCD screen allows the user to monitor images and facilitates setting functions while viewing on-screen menus, and its tiltable design makes the control panel and monitor much easier to view and use.

MSRP $22,000.


Panasonic Broadcast & Serious Magic

Serious Production Package (AG-DVX100A & DV Rack)

Panasonic Broadcast and Serious Magic have announced a bundling agreement whereby Panasonic will include a full version of Serious Magic DV Rack with Panasonic's AG-DVX100A MiniDV camcorder. The AG-DVX100A/DV Rack bundle known as the Serious Production Package will be available in February.

The AG-DVX100A was the first professional digital video camera to offer 24p/30p/60i acquisition for less than $4,000, and is a proven performer, having been used to shoot an extensive number of movies, television programs, documentaries, corporate videos, and much more over the past two years. To complement this award-winning camera, Panasonic has opted to bundle another industry first, DV Rack--the first PC-assist software to help videographers prevent shooting disasters.


Studio Technologies

Model 230 Announcer's Console

The Model 230 is the most feature rich of Studio Technologies 200-series Announcer Consoles. Designed to serve as the audio control "hub" for announcers, commentators, and production personnel, the tabletop unit is suited for a variety of applications including on-air television and radio broadcasting, live-event production, stadium announce and simultaneous interpretation.

Superior audio quality is consistent--whether it's the mic preamplifier, audio switching, talkback signals, intercom interfacing, or headphone cue feed. The unit is compatible with essentially all broadcast and production audio system environments. A microprocessor provides the Model 230's logic power, allowing precise control of the unit's operation. Standard connectors are used to interface microphone, headphone, on-air, talkback, IFB, and intercom signals.

Significant flexibility has been built into the unit. The operating features can be extensively configured, offering the user an easy-to-use set of controls and indicators.


SQM-355 Advanced MPEG Data Analysis Module

Videotek, a division of Leitch Technology Corporation has introduced the SQM-355 Advanced MPEG Data Analysis Module for its state-of-the art Signal Quality Manager (SQM) system.

The SQM-355 module accepts and analyzes one MPEG stream for compliance to Technical Report ETR 101-290, first, second and third priorities for DVB and ATSC equivalent standards.

Additionally, the SQM-355 reports bit-rate values per program, PID and transport stream total/used/available to Signal Quality Manager (SQM) monitoring and control software. This module is compatible with SQM-FR1/FR3 frames, existing SQM modules and the appropriate front end software configurations, alarms and operation.

For real-time, unattended monitoring, Videotek's SQM serves as the checkpoint of any facility's operations center, continuously monitoring the conditions of all common audio and video formats including analog, digital and MPEG.