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Altinex MT106-103
Altinex has introduced the Video Scaler MT106-103, a high-resolution video scaler. It converts Composite Video, S-Video, and Component Video into a high-resolution VGA-type output. The Composite and S-Video signals are converted to a pre-selected resolution typically compatible with the native resolution of the projector/display. The VGA-UXGA computer signal can be switched to the output through a pass-through input. The Composite Video and S-Video inputs accept NTSC, PAL, and SECAM video standards. The MT106-103 can accept the following Component Video input formats: 480i, 576i, 480p, 720i, 720p, and 1080i.
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Avid iNEWS 2.0
Avid Technology has announced version 2.0 of the Avid iNEWS system, a newsroom management solution that allows journalists to create, organize, and deliver news broadcasts. New features include a date receiver, rundown mirroring, which automatically copies rundowns to another location within the same iNEWS system, to another iNEWS system, or to a shared network; and MOS drag-and-drop to rundown.
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BT Broadcast Global HD Service
BT Broadcast Services (BTBS), the broadcast and media solutions arm of BT, has launched a global end-to-end HD solution. The service will fully integrate trucks, space and fiber, underpinned by an in-house consultancy service. BTBS offers an HD flight case that allows most trucks in its fleet to work with HD signals. This is then supported by BT’s global fiber and satellite network, which has HD capacity between London, New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Tokyo. The service supports flexible bandwidth of 24Mbps and 46Mbps depending on customer requirements, and all current HD video and audio formats.
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Belden Electronics
Brilliance VideoTwist UTP Cables

Belden Electronics Division has introduced the Brilliance VideoTwist UTP cables, which offer a single UTP cable that delivers both high-quality video and data. VideoTwist cables can be used in component video displays, standard-premise Ethernet installations, and blade-edge computing/KVM applications. The Belden Brilliance VideoTwist series of cables is comprised of three UTP cable types, available in both plenum and riser versions: the VideoTwist Nanoskew 7987P and 7987R; the VideoTwist 7988P and 7988R; and the VideoTwist 7989P and 7989R.
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Blonder Tongue TV Channel Blocker
Blonder Tongue Laboratories has released the TV Channel Blocker, which enables cable television operators to control content in households that presently lack the equipment necessary to prevent unwanted channels from being viewed. The TV Channel Blocker can block up to 80 channels simultaneously within 54 to 600MHz. It can be mounted at the tap output or at the consumer’s residence and can either be powered from the cable plant or the residence. The hardware cost is a one-time expense approximately the cost of one truck roll.
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DNF Controls DNF/Leitch Control Solution
DNF Controls and Leitch are co-developing a tailored control solution, based on DNF’s ST300 slow-motion controller and clip control products, for Leitch’s NEO VR modular digital video recorder. The solution will allow one-touch clip access. Leitch’s NEO VR offers full record/playback functionality. DNF Controls’ clip instant access and fast access systems provide one-touch access to a single clip or fill-clip/key-clip combination.
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Digital Anarchy 3D Layer 1.0
Digital Anarchy has announced the availability of 3D Layer 1.0 for After Effects, Combustion, and Final Cut Pro. Using a true 3D mesh, grayscale maps, and Conoa’s 3D rendering engine technology, 3D Layer allows users to create 3D effects that previously required proprietary 3D software. 3D Layer provides a flexible mesh object that can extrude with true Z-depth thickness. With 3D Layer, outside edges can be modeled and the layer can be bent, warped, or punched through as well as texture-mapped and animated to create complex 3D effects.
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Granite Digital
Hot-Swap Backup Storage System

Granite Digital has announced support for the new IEEE 1394b (FireWire 800) standard with its new Hot-Swap disk-to-disk‚ backup storage system. Granite models include a Hot-Swap System with one tray (no drive); a Hot-Swap System with one tray (120-gig 7200 rpm drive); and a Hot-Swap System with one tray (200-Gig 7200 rpm drive). Additional Hot-Swap trays (hold any 3.5-inch hard drive) are available.
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Inscriber Inca RTX
Inscriber’s Inca RTX, the next generation of the RTX product, is now shipping worldwide. Users can employ Inca RTX to create custom broadcast applications for the display of realtime information in sports, elections, weather, and news broadcasts. It interfaces directly with Inscriber video hardware.
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Ktech DVM-150E
Ktech has launched the DVM-150E, a new HD/SD decoder. It is a 1RU professional DTV receiver/decoder with the capability of handling SD and HD MPEG-2 4:2:0 DTV signals. Inputs include 8-VSB, QPSK, 64/256QAM, SMPTE-310M, and DVB-ASI. Outputs include SMPTE-310M, DVB-ASI, RGB, YPbPr, NTSC, SAP, analog audio L and R, SDI with embedded audio and CC, and HDSDI with embedded audio and CC.
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MicroFirst Engineering
DAS-NLS & MPS-9810

MicroFirst has introduced the Near Line Storage (DAS-NLS) and Archive Management (AMI) systems. The DAS-NLS system automates the hierarchical storage and retrieval process of video clips existing on near-line networked attached storage disk arrays and professional on-line video file servers. Also new is the MPS-9810. It monitors the D.A.S. communication and upon sensing a failure, switches up to 32 asynchronous serial communications ports from the primary AP to the backup AP seamlessly.
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Miranda Technologies
MDC-900/920 & SER-900 HD

Miranda has extended its range of monitoring interfaces for Sony and Panasonic HD cameras with the new MDC-900/920 downconverter and the SER-900 HD serializer. These two new interfaces are lower-cost, reduced-functionality versions of Miranda’s DVC-800 downconversion and DV encoding interface for HD cameras.
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Proximity, Sundance Digital
Graphics Workflow/Automation Package

Proximity Corporation and Sundance Digital have announced an integrated graphics workflow/automation package that leverages Proximity’s content management and workflow software with Sundance Digital’s NewsLink v2.0 rundown-centric newsroom automation. The end-to-end system now supports the full scope of news workflow from the initiation of a graphic request to its automated playout via NewsLink control of the graphics and other media devices. Users can search and browse for graphics using Proximity Newsroom’s plug-in and drag and drop graphics into a rundown by creating a MOS object, which Sundance NewsLink captures for automated playback.
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Optibase VideoPlex HD
Optibase, in collaboration with MikroM Technologies, has introduced a new product family of high definition PCI decoders, VideoPlex HD. VideoPlex HD is designed to enable playback of high definition MPEG-2 video streams. It supports all 18 ATSC formats. It is also available with a software development kit (SDK), which offers developers and system integrators easy integration into a multitude of digital video applications. VideoPlex HD is available for shipment with either DVI or SDI outputs.
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Snell & Wilcox CPP1000 Prefix-HD
Snell & Wilcox has introduced the CPP1000 Prefix-HD, a new multi-standard high definition compression pre-processor that provides improved picture quality for viewers and lower bandwidth usage for cable, satellite, and terrestrial TV broadcasters. Using Prefix-HD with film-originated content, operators can achieve a bit-rate savings of 3Mbps with a modest degree of pre-processing and 5Mbps with a more aggressive setting.
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