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Axon releases Synapse Teletext encoder

AXON has introduced the INS30, a stand-alone card that enables closed-captioning data to be encoded onto a program feed. It will allow the captions to be previewed on the optional monitoring outputs using an on-screen display to simulate the output of a decoder. The INS30 will typically be used in applications where closed-captioning subtitling is required on the program stream as part of the playout process. Generally, this will be for live captioning where the program material is not available in time for the captions to be preprepared and added to the program material as part of the production process.

Features include:

  • SD-SDI compatibility
  • 625/50, 525/59.94 format support
  • Inserts incoming caption data from the NEWFOR protocol in a parallel
  • WST-B or EIA-608
  • Line 21 format support
  • Monitors the encoded signal as burnt-in captions or pages over the program stream on SD
  • CVBS outputs
  • Ability to clear captions in the event of a “hanging” caption
  • Ethernet connector for caption and Teletext data input