Axon Launches Multi-Format Processing Platform TIDE at IBC

GILZE, NETHERLANDS—A new tide is rolling in at Axon Digital Design, as the company has announced that it will launch its new multi-codec, multi-format modular processing platform TIDE at the upcoming IBC 2015 show. The system is designed to handle the contribution and distribution of live video.


TIDE can process live broadcast quality signals, perform HD and SD video encoding and decoding, Conditional Access or BISS scrambling and descrambling, and transport stream (re)multiplexing from contribution to channel back-up, including over satellite, microwave, 3G/4G/5G mobile networks, managed IP networks and the open Internet. The platform also features the Reliable Real-Time Transport Protocol, which manages and improves bandwidth usage ratio to deliver reliable streaming over the open Internet and public networks.

TIDE offers a range of 15 modules that include satellite and terrestrial reception modules; multi-channel encoder and decoder modules; MPEG Transport Stream I/O modules via IP and ASI; and a descrambling unit with space for four Common Interface Conditional Access descrambling units. In addition, the system offers low-latency encoding, faster than real-time file transfer and modular high density.

Also at IBC 2015, Axon will demonstrate the TIDE LiveCastPro, a mobile video uplink system that can be mounted on any ENG camera. The LiveCastPro utilizes the R2TP protocol to deliver high quality images and fast transfer of video files using any IP network.

All TIDE elements come with a built-in web-based control user interface, as well as the ability to be monitored and controlled by Axon’s Cerebrum software platform for larger deployments.

IBC 2015 runs from Sept. 11-15 in Amsterdam. Axon will demonstrate TIDE and its other products at booth 10.A21 and 10.B21.