Axcera to demo terrestrial and mobile TV transmitters

At NAB (booth # C1307) Axcera will display its full line of television transmitters and mobile media base station products, including five mobile media demonstrations employing the latest standards and technology. The mobile TV demonstrations will be conducted in Axcera’s booth, where visitors will see live program content displayed on consumer handsets.

The company will also be introducing three new transmitter models at the show: the 8XC Series Mobile Multimedia Base Station, available for most any current digital standard including ATSC, DVB/T/H/SH, CMMB(STiMi), DAB/T-DMB, MediaFLO, and SDARS standards; the 6X Liquid Cooled solid-state TV transmitter, offering high-power density; and the Innovator CX transmitter/translator/gap filler/low delay-echo canceling repeater.

For low-power broadcasting, Axcera will display analog, ATSC, DVB-T and DVB-H versions of its Innovator LX Low Power Solid-State product line. The company’s low-power transmitters, translators and boosters are available in many configurations, including dual-use analog/digital operation.

Targeted at high-power broadcasters, the new 6X Series UHF liquid cooled solid-state transmitter, the Innovator HX High Power UHF and VHF Air Cooled Solid-State transmitter and the Visionary High Power IOT-based UHF transmitter lines will also be on display.

The company will also show its 5720 Series MMDS/BRS/EBS digital video wireless cable and broadband wireless access transmitter system.

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