Axcera displays terrestrial TV and mobile transmitters

Veteran RF transmission provider Axcera used the IBC show to display its full line of television broadcast, mobile media and broadband wireless access equipment. This included: the 6X series liquid-cooled, solid-state transmitter; Innovator CX low power, solid-state broadcast and mobile TV transmitter; 8XC series mobile TV base station; and 5720 series MMDS transmitter.

The 6X series is a liquid-cooled, solid-state TV transmitter, designed to meet global standards. High power amplifiers use the latest LDMOS devices for broadband operation across the entire UHF band and are very compact, providing the highest power density available and reduced floor space requirements. A modular design includes parallel amplifier and power supply modules, which can be removed and replaced while the transmitter is on the air. An N+1 power supply option is also available for the highest level of reliability.

The Innovator CX is a compact and economical low power unit that can be configured as a transmitter, regenerative translator or low delay echo-canceling repeater. The compact package allows it to meet most any requirement where space and cost are a consideration. The Innovator CX offers many of the same features found in higher power transmitters, such as digital linear and nonlinear precorrection, a frequency agile exciter, broadband amplifiers and an available SNMP/Web browser interface. The echo-canceling repeater version can minimize infrastructure cost by economically filling gaps in single frequency networks (SFNs), avoiding the cost of a complete base station.

The 8XC series mobile TV base station is designed to operate with most any current digital television standard, including DVB-T, DVB-H, DVB-SH, ATSC, CMMB (STiMi), DAB/T-DMB, MediaFLO, SDARS and more. The 8XC is available in both indoor and outdoor configurations, making it ideally suited for mobile multimedia applications.

The company also showed its 5720 series 2.5GHz to 2.7GHz MMDS/BRS/EBS transmitter for digital video wireless cable and fixed broadband wireless access transmitter systems.