AWS Elemental MediaLive Statmux Adds MPEG-2 Support

(Image credit: AWS Elemental)

PORTLAND, Ore.—AWS Elemental MediaLive’s statistical multiplexing (Statmux) feature now supports MPEG-2 encoding.

According to the company, broadcasters can now use the AWS Cloud to perform MPEG-2 encoding to feed legacy devices with limited codec support, without needing to perform upgrades of their customer’s or partner’s decoding devices.

The MPEG-2 support means that broadcasters can now use MediaLive Statmux to reach the vast majority of devices that connect them to their customers, said AWS.

Statmux video quality has also been improved for all codecs. AVC and HEVC progressive video bitrates can be lowered by 5-8% and for HEVC interlaced channels, bitrates can be lowered by 25% versus previous levels. AWS said the improvement in HEVC interlaced behavior means MediaLive Statmux is more efficient for broadcasters that distribute content in SD or 1080i HD formats.

MediaLive Statmux also now provides inter-channel priority controls, enabling users to fine-tune the video quality of different channels without adjusting any channel configurations or restarting any channels.

Jenny Priestley

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