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AWS Elemental MediaConvert Adds Automated ABR Configuration

AWS Elemental
(Image credit: AWS Elemental)

PORTLAND, Ore.—The AWS Elemental MediaConvert platform has a new feature designed to automatically customize the Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) encoding configuration for video sources, the Automated ABR Configuration. Automated ABR Configuration simplifies set up for transcoding, optimizes video quality and reduces ABR package size.

ABR packages are created when encoding video content for OTT distribution to web players, mobile devices and smart TVs. Packages contain multiple renditions of video, encoded in a range of bitrates and resolutions.

Automated ABR Configuration automates the setup of selecting bitrates, resolutions and the quantity and distribution of renditions that AWS says previously had to be done individually. With Automated ABR Configuration, MediaConvert can pick the ideal rendition configuration based on a content classification analysis during the encoding process, per AWS.

(Image credit: AWS Elemental)

In addition, Automated ABR Configuration users Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate mode in MediaConvert to optimize ABR package size by preventing redundant or overlapping renditions within each package.

Consumers can use Automated ABR Configuration by creating a new MediaConvert job from the AWS Management Console and enabling Automated ABR Configuration for your HLS, DASH, CMAF or Smooth Streaming ABR output group. It can also be used via API or an available SDK.

For more information, visit AWS Elemental’s website