Aviom Pro16 solves studio monitor mix issues for Joey DeFrancesco

When Italy’s Spazi Sonori recording studio recently hosted Grammy-winning jazz musician Joey DeFrancesco and his band to record an upcoming release, it addressed the listening needs of the musicians by incorporating the Aviom Pro16 monitor mixing system. The studio features multiple A-16II Personal Mixers for use as a cue system. The all-digital studio also features a 56-channel Yamaha 02R/96 console in its control room and a grand piano in the live tracking space.

"As a recording engineer and studio owner specializing in acoustic music, I've always been short of aux sends for cue mixes for the musicians in the studio,” said Alessio Barbieri, engineer and owner of Spazi Sonori. “During takes, it was a lot of work for me and there was a lot of downtime. That's why I'm using the Aviom system now to directly feed inputs from my digital console. I've found the Aviom system very useful in avoiding the 'more me' volume wars."

"Every musician has his own 16-channel digital mixer, which is very simple to use. Everyone makes his own headphone mix, leaving me to concentrate on mic placement and sound during tracking,” Barbieri said. “Everybody is relaxed, and they forget about the headphones; it's less work for me." Prior to the installation of the Aviom gear, cue mixes were sent to a simple headphone amp and offered no additional user control other than overall level.

For more information, visit www.aviom.com.